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Terra Founder Do Kwon Blocks Doge Founder Billy Markus, Doge Founder Responds

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Terra Founder Blocks Doge Founder, Doge Founder Responds.

A few days ago, Dogecoin co-founder, Billy Markus, called out what he referred to as “tech bros hubris” in the crypto industry.

This came in the wake of Terra Luna’s price collapse and its sister Stablecoin, UST. Billy singled out Luna’s Do Kwon as one of the “tech bros” he was talking about.

Now, it appears that Billy’s comments didn’t go down well with Do Kwon. Watcher Guru’s recent Twitter update claims that Do Kwon has blocked Billy Markus on Twitter. This is a rare occurrence especially involving influential people in the crypto and blockchain industry.

No Big Deal For Billy

However, the blocking didn’t seem to faze the Dogecoin co-founder. Commenting on it, Billy opined that he wasn’t shocked by Do Kwon’s action, saying blocking people in the crypto space is great, especially if they deserve it.

Billy intimated that he has also blocked “a ton of people” in the crypto space. Going on, he opined that it makes sense that Do Kwon would react since Billy has been his fan while he has been ruining trust in the industry.

“I think blocking people is great. I block a ton of people. I think a ton of people are absolutely worthy of getting blocked, especially in crypto. it makes sense he would block me, as I am not a fan of psychopathic people ruining trust in this space.”

In another somewhat funny tweet, Billy Markus said that he was all for blocking people who can’t tell the difference between real cryptos and Ponzi schemes and who live to make false accusations. Billy may have been referring to DOGE’s eight years of existence and that the crypto has been accepted far and wide. A meme coin that has massive support from people like Elon Musk and Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin.

“I would also recommend blocking people who can’t tell the difference between actual ponzi scams and cryptocurrency that has been around for 8 years and goes through all the usual cycles. that type likes to make accusations.”


Not The Only Critic

Notably, Billy Marks isn’t the only influential person to throw jabs at Luna and Do Kwon. Just recently, another crypto figure, Peter Brandt, expressed his distrust of Luna. According to Peter, Bitcoin is the only actual crypto. However, in Peter’s case, it’s worth noting that he has always been anti-altcoin and views BTC as the ultimate crypto.

It’s not clear why Do Kwon chose to block Billy even as other figures like Binance CEO have been pointing fingers at him and the Terra team for not moving fast to save Luna. Binance CEO shared a tweet to that effect a few days ago.

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Mark Brennan
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