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A Possible Suicide As South Korean Police Recover Bodies Of Missing School Girl And Family With Links To Terra Collapse

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South Korean Police Recover Bodies Of Missing Family As Findings Indicate Possibility Of A Suicide With Links To Terra Collapse.

A report by Korea JoongAng Daily on Wednesday reveals that the police have recovered the bodies of a missing family and have reason to believe the family may have committed suicide with possible links to the Terra (LUNA) collapse.

A car identified as belonging to the family of missing school girl Cho Yoo-na was found by South Korean law enforcement underwater close to the Songgok Harbor of the Island of Wando. In the vehicle, the police discovered the bodies of Cho Yoo-na and two adults suspected to be Cho’s parents.

While the circumstances that led to the family’s demise remain unclear, preliminary evidence from the police report suggests a possibility of suicide resulting from financial strains brought on by the Terra ecosystem collapse in May.

Investigators searched the parents’ online activity, revealing that their frequent searches included “Luna Coin,” “sleeping pills,” and ways to commit suicide. CCTV footage last saw the family around their rental house on May 30. 

10-year-old Cho was reported missing by her school after she didn’t return to school on June 22 as promised by her parents, who had said they were going on a trip for a month. The police report that the family appeared to be in significant financial constraint before their disappearance as stacks of unpaid bills could be found at their home.

The Terra ecosystem collapse in May shook the crypto community significantly and threatened to bring down the entire crypto market. Consequently, about $40 billion of investors’ funds were wiped out. It is worth noting that the police are yet to confirm if Cho’s parents invested in the cryptocurrency.

Notably, there have been several unconfirmed cases of suicide by people who bet all on the asset. However, since the Terra collapse, Terraform Labs’ founder, Do Kwon, has launched a new blockchain, claiming the project failed with no foul play on his part. 

Kwon and his team remain under investigation in Singapore and the US, facing multiple lawsuits for their actions leading up to the catastrophic event. As reported by The Crypto Basic on Monday, hacktivist group Anonymous is convinced that Kwon scammed investors and is actively investigating the matter.

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