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Charity Token To Officially Launch Their Revolutionary Donation Distribution App


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Australian-based crypto-driven charity project, Charity Token, announces the launch of their mobile app for distributing charitable contributions across the globe.

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The team at Charity Token is staying true to the goal of “modernizing” charity as the project announces the launch of their groundbreaking platform. A standalone mobile application, which will be available on the App Store and Google Play from August 1, 2022, is part of an all-inclusive ecosystem designed to change how cross border charity is conducted by leveraging the efficiency of blockchain to aid fundraising and money distribution.

No other DeFi platform offers such a beginner friendly crypto experience. We are the only platform that can fairly distribute wealth and Charity to everyone involved on the network. We really wanted to see individuals using it to grow their initial deposit to make a bigger impact!” – Chris Manski.

It is no news that millions of people in different parts of the world need one form of assistance or another. Over the years, a plethora of initiatives from non-government agencies and charitable organizations have been developed to help alleviate the suffering of people across the globe. However, studies have revealed that the donations of kind-hearted individuals and organizations often fail to get to the needy as and when due. Consequently, Charity Token is looking to change this narrative by leveraging technological advancements, particularly crypto and Web3, as substantiated by the launch of their user-friendly app.

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The donation app empowers users to give directly to a Charity, irrespective of location instantly, by purchasing tokens and sending them to a listed Charity. They are instantly made available in the recipient’s wallet, minus fees and can then be sold for local fiat currency at any exchange worldwide. Charity Token aims to make fundraising more cost-effective and autonomous while ensuring the donations get to the communities that need them in good time. In a related development, Charity Token has announced plans to launch an NFT marketplace in order to build a loyal community for each charity through online led fundraising initiatives.

Charity Token is a first-of-its-kind project that incentivizes giving while distributing charities a passive income made from network fees, ensuring that every stakeholder benefits, including holders of the $ChaT token. The project will enhance efficiency in the sector by leveraging the super-inclusiveness of Web3 to build an economy around charity.

For further information about the mobile app and how to join other social investors making a difference worldwide, visit – https://charitytoken.online/. Charity Token also has a growing online community across social media, including YouTubeTwitter, and Telegram.

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