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Dogecoin Shares Interesting JPEG: Is It An Upcoming Game, Metaverse, Or Just Another Meme??


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Is Dogecoin planning to launch a game or metaverse project?

Timothy Stebbing, product lead at the Dogecoin Foundation, shared a new image on Twitter, which suggests that a new initiative might be around the corner for the meme-based cryptocurrency. 

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In a recent tweet, Stebbing shared an image of a dog in a metaverse background. Although he did not add any captions, enthusiasts of the project could not help but guess the rationale behind the tweet. 

Dogecoin’s official Twitter handle also retweeted the image. 

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This further indicates that the project team could be planning a significant initiative’s rollout. 

A Game or Metaverse? 

There is a tendency for the image points to the fact that Dogecoin might be planning to launch a new game or a metaverse project. 

Dogecoin’s main rival Shiba Inu has already made significant progress toward launching its game dubbed Shiba Eternity. 

Shiba Inu recently disclosed that the game is now available for early testing in Vietnam. It is worth noting that Shiba Inu has also unveiled its metaverse project dubbed Shiberse. For Shiba Inu, the rollout of these projects is an important step toward shaking off the meme title. Following Shiba Inu’s focus on web 3.0 initiatives, the Dogecoin team could be under pressure to launch similar initiatives to bolster DOGE’s utility. 

The possibility that the vision shared by the Dogecoin team could hint at the possible launch of a game or a metaverse project. Again, it is possible that no significant meaning is attached to the image, as it could be just another meme. 

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