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Dexilon Review – A DeFi Platform Created By Traders For Traders


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What is Dexilon, and how is it different from competitors?

DEXILON is a next-generation decentralized derivative exchange and ecosystem which can be utilized to launch derivative contracts for non-crypto assets such as metals, energy, soft commodities, and foreign exchange (FX).

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Transparent trading logic and instant execution combined with small fees is what actually makes Dexilon crypto derivatives exchange unique, unlike most DEXs out there on the market today.

Supported Wallets

To get started at Dexilon crypto decentralized exchange you need to connect a compatible wallet, such as MetaMask or a hardware wallet through MetaMask. As of today, September 2022 MetaMask is the only supported wallet with Binance wallet support coming up shortly.

How to Connect Your MetaMask Wallet to Dexilon crypto decentralized exchange

Connecting your wallet is quick and secure, simply follow these steps:

  1. If you do not have the Metamask extension installed yet, open Chrome extensions web store and add it to Chrome.
  2. After installation, you need to connect your wallet through the SignIn or SignUp process accordingly.
  3. Upon installation, you will be able to log in into the Dexilon website.
  4. Dexilon will ask you to set Polygon Mumbai as a preferred network for the Dexilon website. Agree on the step. For the deposit of tokens making process you may visit our more detailed guide here.

Now you are all set!

What coins you can trade on Dexilon

Since Dexilon, a new decentralized exchange, was launched, there is a limited amount of assets you can actually trade, yet this number is to be increased upon full scale launch later in 2022.

Currently, you can swap the following assets:

  • Bitcoin BTC / USDC
  • Ethereum ETH / USDC
  • Solana SOL / USDC
  • Cardano ADA / USDC
  • ADA / USDC
  • DOT / USDC

Key features of Dexilon or how to use dexilon to earn more rewards

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Dexilon isn’t the first cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform out there, yet it is the first new dex crypto exchange that offers a fully decentralized limit off-chain order book on a native blockchain with high TPS. Dexilon reviews traditional ways of trading crypto by emphasizing on security, trust and legit transparency to set the new standard of a crypto exchange platform to our investors.

Dexilon’s most prominent features are:

  • Self custody with personal cryptocurrency wallets
  • Redistribution of fees between takers, makers, insurance funds and data providers
  • A Rebate for every limit order book
  • No gas cost for each request (nodes are paid from the taker fee)
  • No KYC is required for futures, cryptocurrency or derivatives trading processes.
  • No regulations or restrictions on user actions

Is Dexilon Safe?

Dexilon is safe indeed as it’s fully decentralized, thus your funds are locked within the smart contract in contrast to being held by an exchange. Such an approach eliminates any possibility of an external threat to your funds being stolen by a 3rd party, thus making your trading experience at Dexilon safe and secure.

What are Dexilon Fees Like?

For every maker, there is a flat 0.01% rebate, therefore while trading using limit orders, you are getting compensated every single time. For takers, the fee starts from 0.05% and can get as low as 0,015% as it’s directly linked to the trading volume and the number of DXLN tokens in possession.

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