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Shiba Inu Shares More Interesting Details About Shiba Eternity, Says 5% of the Game’s Profit Will Be Burnt 


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The team behind SHIB has released more exciting details about the upcoming P2E game.

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Following the launch of Shiba Inu’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) game in Australia, the team behind the project has continued to share more details about the game.

In an announcement made by lead developer Shytoshi Kusama on the official Shiba Inu channel, the team intends to give back to the SHIB community via various projects, including Shiba Eternity.

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Giving back to the community through Shiba Eternity will see the team set aside 5% of every profit made from gameplay, which will be used to burn the native cryptocurrency, SHIB.

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Notably, the community has a pivotal role to play in facilitating the burning of more Shiba Inu tokens. According to Kusama, the community must first download Shiba Eternity in their numbers before the team pushes the game to the list of the top-ranking games in various app stores. This would attract gamers outside the SHIB ecosystem to also download the game.

“With your help by simply downloading the game, we will be able to push the game to the top of the app stores and hopefully generate more revenue from gamers outside the SHIB community,” Kusama added.

Calls to Burn More SHIB

Members of the Shiba Inu community have contributed immensely to the burn program, with billions of SHIB tokens permanently incinerated from the supply. 

Despite billions of SHIB destroyed, members of the SHIBArmy have continued to call on the team to also join the ongoing burn program.

Kusama noted that the move became imperative following the massive call from the community to burn SHIB. “Occasionally I get messages like BRO, burn the entire SHIB supply,” Shytoshi said in a Discord post shared by pseudonymous Gossip Shib.

However, he acknowledged that it would cost the team billions of dollars to burn SHIB and boost the price of the cryptocurrency. Based on this, the team has decided to always burn SHIB using 5% of every profit made via gameplay.

“To burn [more SHIB], we have to implement a plan like the one you are seeing. It’s funny we’re working on that, [but] burning billions of dollars is no easy task. Trust me,” he added.

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