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How CyberCats Players and Investors Can Benefit From Sustainable Tokenomics


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Market-exclusive Find-to-Earn GameFi app CyberCats will push millions towards healthier lifestyles and connect the public to Web 3.0. It is a pet-raising game for those who want to socialize and get rewarded for their physical movements: get a cyber pet, train it, and liberate the world from zombies, alone or in squads.


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By 2084, a nuclear catastrophe had killed almost all life. Only a few humans survived; the rest were killed or turned into zombies by atomic mutation. The only creatures that did not undergo the mutation were cats. Technological advances taught people to create robotic limbs for cats and improve them. Squads of robot cats appeared; they fearlessly fought zombies and helped human survivors.

About Tokenomics

The $CCAT token will be launched in Pancake Swap DEX.

Private Sale Price: $0.0024

Listing Price: $0.0044

Total Supply: 200,000,000

Tokens For Private Sale: 2,400,000

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CyberCats team of developers has passed KYC and received all the required audits.

You can learn more about our tokenization on the official website.

Become an early investor and join the real cyber world!

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