spot_img, a Swiss Startup with 5 Million Users, Has Launched its Private Token Sale Using The AllianceBlock Fundrs Platform, a Swiss Startup with 5 Million Users, Has Launched its Private Token Sale Using The AllianceBlock Fundrs Platform


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The dua Foundation, a Dutch-based non-profit organization, has now launched its private token sale on AllianceBlock Fundrs, a platform which promises safe and compliant fundraising capabilities. The Swiss startup is looking to raise funds to continue its development and continue expanding its user base beyond the current 5 million user base. The token sale will be open for a limited time, starting on the 23rd of November at 17:00 CET and ending on the 14th of December at 17:00 CET. 

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The dua Foundation aims to provide global economic opportunity to every member of society. With the release of its utility token, DUA tokens can be used to participate in an international economy that opens up the financial gateway to those with limited access to traditional banking means.

AllianceBlock Bridging DeFi with TradFi

AllianceBlock, an investment platform that merges TradFi with DeFi to increase capital flows and help birth technological innovation, has unveiled Fundrs, a new P2P fundraising platform, which will operate on both the Bitcoin and Ethereum Mainnet networks. This innovation comes after years of work by AllianceBlock, who envision it as an integral part of a truly decentralized participatory economy powered by Blockchain technology. Through this innovative new venture, “Seekers” or those seeking funds, both traditional startups and blockchain based projects, are able to raise money from investors through this peer-to-peer system – where Funders can pledge funds along with other forms of financing available later in the investment cycle such as converting them into loans for “Seekers” and more. With this first round of funding, the Fundrs platform is officially born.

History in the making between dua and AllianceBlock

dua Foundation private sale has made history as the first organization to raise money through Fundrs, via its cryptographic utility token DUA. The organization provides a means for globally-scattered communities to contribute value back into the economy.

Thanks to the dua ecosystem, unbanked or underbanked communities who are excluded from traditional financial services can now participate in decentralized finance. A built-in wallet and blockchain technology will allow users to send money around the world with ease, pay for goods and conduct other peer-to-peer transactions that may further empower them in their lives

Those interested in participating in the token sale can do so by visiting the Seeker listing on Fundrs and following their step-by-step guide.

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