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Three Coins Fighting The Bear Market In 2023: Hedera (HBAR), Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) And Tron (TRX)


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There are so many cryptocurrencies that it’s hard to keep up, but market experts think that Hedera (HBAR), Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), and Tron (TRX) could rise to the top in 2023 and are worth keeping an eye on. While we’ll review the potential rise of all three, Orbeon Protocol stands out. It’s still in the second phase of its presale, and the price is expected to surge by 60x in the coming weeks.

Hedera (HBAR)

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Hedera (HBAR) is a unique project. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, which use blockchain technology, Hedera uses an innovative technology called hashgraph consensus as its form of validation. Hedera argues that hashgraph is the basis for a smarter form of smart contracts.

Like most crypto markets, Hedera’s HBAR is down considerably from its all-time high. This could give investors a significant return on investment during the next bull run if Hedera’s hashgraph technology becomes favored over the blockchain. Because of this, we could see Hedera rise in 2023.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol is unlike Hedera and Tron because it is still in phase two of its presale. Its unique features have been shown to shake up the crowdfunding and venture capital space. Orbeon Protocol combines NFT minting with the functions of a decentralized investment platform.

The NFTs that Orbeon Protocol mints represent equity in exciting early-stage companies. Interested investors can trade these NFTs at prices as low as $1. This feature helps remove the gatekeepers that typically keep people from wealth generation in the venture capital market.

Orbeon Protocol’s “Fill or Kill” mechanism automatically returns NFTs to investors if a fundraising round falls short. This mechanism is built directly into the smart contract and can’t be changed. The feature was added to protect investors from making sure no one runs off with their money. The protocol believes that investors should not be punished for supporting innovation.

Orbeon Protocol’s native token is ORBN. Its holders enjoy perks like governance, staking, and much more, with a total supply of 888,000,000 tokens, ORBN is currently trading at $0.014. Market analysts expect that this price will rise in 2023. They’re predicting a 6000% surge in the coming weeks, which would bring ORBN to a price of $0.24 per token.

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Tron (TRX)

Tron DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) aims to expedite the Internet’s decentralization. While Tron’s TRX token is one of the top-ranked cryptocurrencies in the world by market cap, Tron is currently trading under 6 cents. It’s been a tough year and an especially rough week for Tron, as it seems to keep falling.

But if Tron can return to its all-time high of 30 cents and enter price discovery mode, the once-great crypto can rise in 2023 and beyond.

While the future of Tron (TRX) is unclear, it’s still making headlines and keeping itself in the game.

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