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New API Feature Launches To Help Users Efficiently Track NFT Offers On XRP Ledger


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Xrpl.Services rollout NFT offers tracking API.

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Xrpl.Services (@XrplServices), a team focusing on building solutions for the XRP Ledger (XRPL), has rolled out a new API feature to help users efficiently track NFT offers.

Notably, the team disclosed this in a tweet on Tuesday. Per the tweet, users can track offers in real-time. It is a tool that will prove helpful to NFT traders and projects on the network.

The attached API documentation reveals that the Xrpl.Services NFT API is meant to complement those provided by RippeX developers and XRPL Labs. In other words, it provides additional functionality for users.


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While there are paid models, the free version enables users to process ten requests per minute.

Recall that native NFT functionality went live on the XRPL Network at the end of October. While the XRPL is a late entrant in the NFT space, as explained in previous reports, it offers perks not found on other networks. 

Adoption continues to rise as Bithomp data shows that users have minted over 642k NFTs since.

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