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Websites Can Now Accept Dogecoin Payments From Subscribers


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The payment process is automated with a PHP code and does not require third-party intervention.

Web hosting companies and websites can now accept Dogecoin payments through easy integration with an automated Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) gateway. The payment gateway can be leveraged by all 330,000+ web hosting services and over 1.9B websites on the internet.

A few hours after touting the development, anonymous Dogecoin Foundation developer Inevitable360 unveiled the complete cPanel package on Twitter, sharing a GitHub link to the PHP code and instructions on how to integrate the plugin easily. The plugin will auto-convert payments in fiat currencies to Dogecoin and send them to the provided wallet.

DogeDesigner, a product designer at MyDoge, also shared the development on Friday.


The GitHub link shared by Inevitable360 gives explicit instructions on how owners of websites can leverage the payment plugin. The steps include:

  • Download the gateway and extract it.
  • Upload the extracted files to your WHMCS installation folder.
  • Head to your WHMCS panel, go to Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways, then activate the newly-included “Easy Dogecoin Gateway.”
  • Put in the Dogecoin address with which you’ll receive the payments.
  • You can also activate the included MyDoge and SoDoge Twitter payment options and add your username.
  • Lastly, head to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services. Go to the available Payment Gateways to edit your Product Group, and check the “Easy Dogecoin Gateway” option.

The gateway is an excellent opportunity for web hosting companies and websites to attract the budding Dogecoin communities by easily integrating payment options that include the assets. 

Inevitable360 has already promised to pay 2 DOGE monthly for the Wall Street Journal’s online subscription package if the American daily newspaper integrates the gateway. Other proponents have also expressed a readiness to do the same.

Several Entities are Already Integrating DOGE Payments

Website owners had in the past received similar opportunities to integrate Dogecoin payments as global adoption for the asset surges. Still, previously-developed plugins have been somewhat limited with third-party processors. In November of last year, Coinbase partnered with WooCommerce to allow merchants to accept payments in DOGE and other currencies. 

In September 2022, EazyPay, a Bahrain-based financial services provider, partnered with Binance Pay to include payments in DOGE and other currencies across 5,000+ merchants in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Furthermore, Elon Musk, a vocal advocate of Dogecoin, introduced a DOGE payment option for a unique fragrance launched by The Boring Company. The billionaire and current Twitter Chief has also hinted at including a DOGE payment option for Twitter.


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