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Terra Classic Receives Interchain Station Support Thanks To TFL Breakthrough


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Terra Classic will be available on the Interchain Station at launch.

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Terraform Labs has confirmed that the Interchain Station will now support the Terra Classic chain as opposed to previous disclosures.

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TFL staff Jared confirmed this in a tweet yesterday while listing the chains that Station developers were integrating on the day before the Station launch set for tomorrow.

The development came hours after Jared disclosed that TFL had made a breakthrough requiring a 48 hours delay in the Interchain Station launch. In the second tweet in the thread, the TFL staff hinted that the Terra Classic community would be excited by the development.

Unsurprisingly, this was enough to spark optimism and excitement within the community. Community influencer and network validator Classy spread the word, asserting that the Interchain Station launch was delayed for the Terra Classic chain, speculating that the classic chain would receive support.

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Per a Discord message shared by Senior TerraCVita member Rex Harrison, AKA Rexzy (@RexYellerBelly), Jared disclosed that the fix was “simple.” According to the TFL staff, the classic chain would be integrated like a version of the new Terra chain so that users can choose between the Terra mainnet, testnet, and Classic when they want to conduct transactions. While Jared describes the fix as “awkward,” he assured users that it would work well. He credited PFC (@PFC_Validator), an influential Terra Classic validator, for helping him form the plan.

Recall that, as previously reported, it appeared that the Terra Classic chain would not be included in TFL’s Interchain Station. Previously, TFL required the classic chain to change its wallet prefix, which it shared with LUNAv2. TFL required this unprecedented change as it planned to use wallet prefixes to differentiate blockchains on the wallet, which planned to host several Cosmos chains.

At the time, with a deadline less than 10 days away, Terra Classic developers estimated that the required fixes would take at least 6 months.

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