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Xumm Launches New Opt-In Profiles Feature For XRPL Users


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The feature-packed XRP Ledger (XRPL) wallet gets yet another addition. 

Xumm Wallet has launched a new feature to help users quickly identify themselves and carry out transactions with less risk of error.

The XRPL wallet announced the “Xumm Profiles” feature in a Twitter thread today. Presently, it is only available in beta mode for Xumm Pro users. The opt-in feature will allow users to create “slugs” (usernames), set up profile pictures, and select accounts they want to display.

The XRPL wallet shared an example of XRPL Labs and Xumm developer Wietse Wind’s profile. It showed a profile picture, a bio, a “PayString,” which combines the username with “$xumm.me” that users can use to send XRP or other assets, and a list of XRP addresses associated with the developer.

It is worth noting that Xumm clarifies that the feature is only available to users that have fulfilled Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. The XRPL wallet reveals that usernames and profile pictures must match with identification documents submitted to discourage scammers and impersonators.

Developers say future releases will add features like multi-currency payment requests and request push notifications in addition to options to back up and recover accounts.

Xumm Profiles is the latest addition to the already feature-packed XRPL wallet. As reported, developers are working on a “Buy & Sell XRP” xApp where users can choose from different on/off-ramps to purchase XRP for fiat. It will include the proprietary Xumm XRP on/off-ramp, available to pro users in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, with a planned expansion to the entire eurozone.

Notably, Xumm has already announced partnerships with Banxa and BTC Direct as alternative providers that will be available on the xApp. For context, a xApp is a web app embedded in the XRPL wallet to provide users with additional features.

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Okoya David
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