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XRPL Labs to Enable QR Payments in Retail Stores for Xumm Users


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Wind says the feature will come sooner than users expect.

XRPL Labs’ lead developer Wietse Wind has let slip that developers are working on an XRPL-powered QR payments feature for the Xumm wallet to allow users to make payments at retail stores.

The developer made this known in a tweet on Monday. It came in response to a user request for a Xumm wallet debit card. Instead, Wind suggested a QR payments feature, asserting it would come sooner than users expect, which implies that it is already in the works.

“Why a card?” Wind asked rhetorically. “What about Xumm XRPL powered QR payments in retail stores? Will happen sooner than you think.”

XRPL Labs developers are not resting on their oars, as the Xumm wallet appears to be rapidly evolving into the everything XRP app. 

Last week, it announced the Xumm Profiles feature that will allow users to link their XRP wallets to a username and profile picture, validated by identification documents to prevent impersonation. The feature currently restricted to Xumm Pro wallet users will allow for easier and less error-prone transactions as users can send XRPL assets using usernames instead of intelligible wallet addresses.

Notably, a QR payments feature for retail stores could revolutionize the use of XRP and other XRPL assets for payments taking into consideration the advantages of the distributed ledger. Transactions on the XRPL take 3 to 5 seconds at negligible costs.

Meanwhile, developers are also working on a “Buy & Sell XRP” xApp. When it launches, users will choose from a list of providers offering on/off-ramp services for XRP, allowing users to purchase XRP for fiat and vice versa. Notably, it eliminates the need for centralized crypto exchanges. The embedded web app will feature the proprietary Xumm-provided solution and partners like BTC Direct and Banxa.

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