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Who is the Mysterious Koyo Token Burning Billions of Shiba Inu?


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Who is the mysterious Koyo Token that is taking web3 by storm?

Koyo Token launched exclusively on ShibaSwap on March 9, 2023. The Telegram channel (https://t.me/KoyoToken) channel had but a few members with a single anonymous admin at the time of launch. Within minutes to hours of the launch, the telegram filled up into the hundreds including over 50+ Shiba OGs, both from the past and the current.

A flame was lit within the community, and the KoyArmy was formed virtually overnight. But you might be asking what brought everyone into Koyo? A call, in fact; for those “trusted frens and frens of frens” into a “trusted place for frens,” which has laid the solid foundation, and now KoyArmy is becoming one of the fastest growing communities in defi.

In an epic effort, the KOY contract has single-handedly burned 4.6 billion SHIB in the span of 8 days, with the most significant of burns in one transaction just short of 1 billion SHIB. In pure genius, the KOY contract has automated 2% from the 5% buy and sell tax for ongoing SHIB burns through the burn portal contract dapp; the very same burn address that Vitalik Buterin originally sent 410 trillion Shib too.

These transactions caused quite a stir within the ShibArmy and the greater defi space. A project, not more than 11 days old, gaining the attention of the Shiba Inu lead developer himself, Shytoshi Kusama, who has liked several tweets about Koyo and follows both Kintaro (Koyo’s founder) and the main KoyoToken Twitter account. It has also been noted that many among the Shiba team and ShibArmy have been showing proactive support on Twitter and within the Koyo telegram for the KoyArmy.

In a surprise twist to the KoyArmy, the Koyo channel recently announced that the KOY smart contract was launched with an automated 40M KOY token weekly burn function to a max cap of 40% of the total KOY supply. There was much excitement from the KoyArmy when the first 40M KOY token was burned from the total supply, and with 9 weeks of remaining weekly $40M KOY burned from the total supply, it is going to be an exciting few months for the KoyArmy. 

During the week, the Koyo channel announced that a further 2% from the Buy & Sell Tax would be allocated to liquidity and an additional 0.5% of buys and sells towards the KOY burn as well, while Kintaro approved a buy of 777,777 KOY tokens paired with Ethereum from the marketing wallet and allocated to liquidity pool on ShibaSwap due the efforts of the community adding to the proactively to liquidity pool. 

Koyo also recently announced the entire team had been KYCd and smart contract audited by solidproof.io and has locked their liquidity on dx.sale. 

It has been interesting to note the high-profile list of members to join the KoyArmy telegram, from David Gokhshtein, Zach Humphries, YourPOP, Majestic Drama, Dom CEO of vEmpire, Lucie Shiba Ambassador, DogeCoinRide, Giba from Kingdom x100, and to the likes of Travladd Crypto co-founder of KingFinance who has become known as one of the loyal KoyArmy Resident OG Community Leaders. 

The Koyo team continues to shock and surprise their community with mysterious announcements and continuous interference to an upcoming “Revelation” — mysterious, right?

Kintaro, although limited in chats, has been extremely powerful in his words and GIFs, which has the entire community in awe, while leaders called protectors have been continuously released into the community, preparing to build the KoyArmy for the upcoming revelation, which has many in anticipation. 

Kintaro, the leader of the KoyArmy and Koyo Token, recently announced via Twitter.


While in a previous tweet hinted at what the ShibArmy should expect on SHIB burns.

Kintaro plans to build the biggest of platforms servicing the largest armies, generating billions in volume and providing millions in rewards.

Connecting the dots, it’s become obvious that Koyo is building one of the most substantial utility platforms exclusively on Shibarium.

What has been quite fascinating, Koyo has not attempted to emulate Ryoshi or Shiba as seen in many past inu projects but has announced itself as a trusted and loyal alliance to the ShibArmy and its ecosystem. Many are awaiting the revelation to unpack the mystery behind Koyo. 

With Shytoshi battling away from within to ensure the bigger vision comes to fruition, we are starting to realize this very vision, with significant projects such as Koyo that envision bringing billions of dollars in volume by exclusively building their utility platform onto shibarium. 

Shytoshi Kusama’s grand vision is slowly becoming a reality, and the community sentiments are starting to rise; the confidence in the ShibArmy has taken social media by storm, and the belief is back to its former peaks. 

Is this the start of Shytoshi’s unifying vision coming to fruition? Bringing community-driven projects onto shibarium alongside leading web2 brands in building possibly the biggest decentralized marketplace web3 has ever seen.  

Koyo token is listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko and recently hit an ATH $23M Market cap with over 600+ holders, all this with limited information available; it won’t surprise many if KOY becomes the next big FOMO attraction for the web3 community, make sure to always DYOR.

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