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Bitboy Vows To Get a Shiba Inu Tattoo if This Happens


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Bitboy remains confident of a positive outcome in the $1 billion class action suit against him.

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As highlighted in previous reports this month, popular crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong, aka Bitboy, has a strained relationship with the Shiba Inu community, often exchanging words with its lead developer in recent weeks.

Now, the popular crypto blowhard has vowed to get a Shiba Inu tattoo if he is still named in the $1 billion class action suit against alleged FTX promoters when the judge issues the verdict.

“I’m going to win,” said the influencer in a Twitter thread today, referring to the lawsuit.

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“Guaranteed. If I end up even on the lawsuit by the time of verdict, I’ll get a SHIB tattoo.”

On March 15, Bitboy was named in the class

action suit against alleged FTX promoters who failed to disclose compensation received for promoting the now-bankrupt crypto exchange. As highlighted in a previous report, the YouTuber has refuted these allegations.

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“I never promoted FTX, I also never took any money from FTX, I also have never talked … to anyone from FTX, nor have I talked to anyone who was representing FTX in any type of marketing deal,” Bitboy said in a March 16 YouTube video.

Furthermore, the influencer claimed the lawsuit was tantamount to defamation, promising to launch a countersuit.

“I’m looking at the countersuit as an investment,” Bitboy wrote in the thread today, adding, “I will make money on it. Legal fees + more.”

Bitboy says he will be fighting on behalf of the crypto influencer industry with his countersuit. He claims he would obtain precedent to protect others with limited means to fight “frivolous lawsuits.”

Meanwhile, the influencer says he is prepared to face criticism from detractors, who would still accuse him of being guilty even if the court acquitted him. It bears mentioning that Bitboy remains a controversial figure in the crypto space, as it would not be the first time he has been accused of taking undisclosed payments to promote fraudulent crypto projects to his over 1 million YouTube subscribers.

In a recent court filing, plaintiff lawyers have accused the influencer of harassment. Recall that Bitboy launched a social media campaign against the attorneys, particularly Adam Moskowitz, whom he accused of failing to do their due diligence.


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