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BitBoy Says He’s Always Represented XRP Army: Details


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BitBoy Crypto reiterates support for XRP.

In a tweet yesterday, prominent cryptocurrency YouTuber Ben Armstrong (popularly called BitBoy Crypto) says he will appear on the Donald Trump Jr. Rumble show. According to Armstrong, his appearance on the Rumble show is scheduled to take place by next week.

“Big things [are] happening! Be on the lookout next week for my appearance on the @DonaldJTrumpJr show on Rumble,” said Armstrong. 

The famous YouTuber gave an idea of the crypto-related topics he intends to focus on during the podcast with Trump Jr. Armstrong noted that he has always thrown SEC Chair Gary Gensler “under the bus” and has also represented the interest of XRP community members.

BitBoy Backs XRP to Rally in Next Bull Run

Based on the comment, it is evident that the famous YouTuber may talk about the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit and possibly take a swipe at Gensler. The case, which has lingered for over two years, is closely followed by crypto community members, including Armstrong. 

The famous YouTuber has commented on the lawsuit and has expressed confidence that XRP will rally if the case ends in Ripple’s favor. 

As reported earlier by TheCryptoBasic, Armstrong backed XRP to become the best performer in the next bull run, adding that the asset’s price “suppression is almost over.”

He echoed similar views in a recent YouTube video. XRP is the only altcoin BitBoy is entirely confident in as the crypto market heads into the next bull run.

BitBoy Calls for Gensler’s Removal

It bears mentioning that Armstrong has also publicly called for the removal of Gensler. Following the collapse of FTX, Armstrong asserts that the SEC boss needs to be removed for meeting and planning regulation with the exchange’s founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), who he described as the biggest scammer in history. 

“I think they just have to get Gary Gensler out. I think Gensler has to go. He’s got to go by the end of January. I don’t see how he survives. You cannot meet regularly and try to plan regulation with the biggest scammer in history [SBF],” he remarked

As BitBoy prepares to appear on Donald Trump Jr’s Rumble show, he is expected to comment on the ongoing Ripple v. SEC lawsuit while slamming Gensler’s adverse enforcement actions.

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Lele Jima
Lele Jima
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