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Dogecoin (DOGE) Founder Trashes Bitboy BEN Coin


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Dogecoin co-founder, Billy Markus, criticized the newly launched BEN meme coin, which aims to become an attention economy coin, causing a stir in the crypto community.

The Dogecoin (DOGE) community members and proponents of the newly launched BEN meme coin may be up against each other following a statement from Billy Markus, the software developer who co-founded the most prominent meme coin, DOGE. 

Recently, Markus expressed his disappointment with an announcement made by Ben Armstrong, a popular crypto influencer commonly known as Bitboy, regarding the BEN coin project. In a tweet, Markus called the update “pretty lame” after Armstrong disclosed that he had officially joined the BEN coin team.


The response tweet from the DOGE founder generated a lot of reactions from the crypto community, with some people calling for Armstrong to be sued if the BEN coin eventually goes to zero.

Additionally, Armstrong claimed that he and a person with username ben.eth, alongside a soon-to-be-announced third member, will make up “The Three Wise Ben” team to direct the meme coin project.

Armstrong explained that BEN would not just be a meme coin but would be transformed into an attention economy coin. According to Armstrong, BEN’s primary objective will be to bring positive attention and awareness to support the adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies. He added that BEN could become a monster coin that can end up in the top 20 to 50 cryptos.

He further stated that the community around BEN was already amazing and that they would work to bring in more positive changes. 


While some may dismiss BEN as just another meme coin, the attention economy coin concept has been gaining traction in the crypto industry. Attention economy coins aim to reward users for their attention and engagement, ultimately creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Additionally, the crypto influencer noted that BEN stands for “Be Everywhere Now,” which is a representative phrasing for the proposed attention economy.

Is Doge a Security?

Last month, the Dogecoin founder argued that the Doge shared nearly one hundred percent the same code base as the most popular crypto, Bitcoin (BTC). He concluded that if DOGE would ever be categorized as a security, then Bitcoin is a security.

According to CoinMarketCap data, DOGE is among the top ten cryptocurrencies with a market cap of over $10 billion. 

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