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Deaton Anticipates XRP Price at $10 Following Lawsuit Victory


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XRP advocate John Deaton suggests XRP could hit an all-time high of $10 following the lawsuit against the SEC, addressing the FOMO phenomenon among investors.

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In a recent interview, renowned lawyer and advocate for XRP, John Deaton, shared his insights on the future of the digital asset’s price chart, possibly hitting $10, in the wake of the concluding suit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Deaton pondered the behavior of investors who criticized XRP when priced at 48 cents but would eagerly purchase it when the value climbs to $1 or higher. He suggested that there might be a fear of missing out (FOMO) phenomenon among such individuals.

With that in mind, he proposed that XRP could potentially reach an all-time high, surpassing its previous mark of $3.85. However, Deaton clarified that he does not believe XRP will reach triple-digit values but rather fall within the $2 to $10 range.

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In a previous conversion, as reported by The Crypto Basic, the lawyer argued that many people would buy XRP above $1 once Ripple wins the suit against the US regulator and that some other group of investors would hop in the XRP bus due to fear of missing out at $2.

Deaton Stresses Personal Research

While cautioning against relying on his advice for financial decisions, Deaton admitted that his estimate was a “technical wild-a.s guess.” Despite his belief that XRP will experience substantial growth, the crypto lawyer emphasized that individual investors should conduct thorough research and make informed decisions.

During the interview, Deaton thanked the XRP and Ripple communities for their unwavering support. Deaton also confirmed that he takes nothing from Ripple for his efforts for the XRP community. Responding to inquiries about how people can assist him in the legal proceedings, Deaton indicated that there might be opportunities for non-financial support in the near future.

As the lawsuit surrounding Ripple Labs comes to a close gradually, investors and enthusiasts eagerly await the legal proceedings’ outcome and the potential impact on XRP’s price.

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