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Axie Infinity And Fetch AI’s Prices Remain Stagnant Despite Bull Run Speculation, Leaving Investors Disappointed


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Investments sometimes don’t go as planned, as the cryptocurrency market is filled with twists and turns that only proficient investors can navigate successfully. We can all agree it’s been quite a tough year for crypto investors, as even the best-performing coins are deep in the negative.

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Axie Infinity and Fetch AI are two prominent coins that have experienced stagnant prices amidst speculation of a bull run. In the midst of this disappointment, experts are predicting a new GameFi token as the best chance for Axie Infinity to recoup losses and make massive profits on their portfolios.

In this article, we’ll explore the future price prediction for Axie Infinity and Fetch AI. We’ll also discuss everything you need to know about the new GameFi token and why analysts think it is the golden ticket to massive profit in 2023.

Axie Infinity (AXS) and Fetch AI (FET) Market Outlook

To say Axie Infinity fell from the sky like a shooting star would be an understatement. AXS has fallen over 29% in the last 30 days alone and is not showing any signs of stopping. Reports show that 98% of AXS investors are out of the money, a measly 1% are in the money, and 1% are in the money.

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This rapid drop in price has left a lot of investors without a choice but to quit the project at a loss. Reports from Coinmarketcap show that the number of investors holding $100k+ worth of AXS as of August 21, 2022, was 500 and has now reduced to as little as 129 as of June 16.

While Fetch AI’s price may have dropped by 24% in the last 30 days, FET investors are definitely not having the worst year, as 88% of investors are in the money, a small 9% are out of the money, and 3% are in the money. This is by far a good statistic, to say the least, considering over 80% of all coins are super bearish and investors are neck-deep in losses.

Nonetheless, Fetch AI’s price has dropped almost 84% from its all-time high of $1.197. Experts believe Axie Infinity and Fetch AI prices have the potential to recover and rally as high as $67 and $0.89, respectively, but this will require strong fundamental news in their ecosystems and a high influx of investors.

This is why the majority of AXS and FET investors are cutting their losses and switching over to Pikamoon to bag massive profits before the end of 2023.

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What is Pikamoon?

The Pikamoon project is a unique P2E game created by a team of adept crypto and blockchain experts who look to improve on the weaknesses of existing P2E games while leveraging their strengths.

This has led the Pikamoon team on a quest to build on the shoulders of industry giants like Fortnite, FIFA, and Pokemon. Now the Pikamoon game is everything a gamer will ever wish for. From team formation to exploration and PVP combat, the Pikaverse is a buffet of fun activities that will make other P2E look like child’s play.

Above all, the Pikamoon team holds trust and commitment in high esteem. This is why all the members and advisors on the Pikamoon team are fully doxxed and properly vetted by Coinsult, one of the best blockchain audit forms in the industry. That’s not all; Pikamoon’s token distribution includes a vesting period of 36 months for team members and advisors.

This goes to show how much commitment the team has for the Pikamoon project and that the entire team is in this for the long haul. This way, investors can rest assured that their investment is in the hands of a team of committed experts who will go to any length to ensure the success of the project.

Pikamoon Presale: The Easiest Way to Flip Your Portfolio in 2023

Becoming a crypto millionaire is not a wild goose chase. As a matter of fact, it is very achievable. Taking your crypto investing career to the next level has become as simple as investing in coins like Pikamoon in the presale stage.

PIKA tokens are selling out for $0.0006 in the third and last round of the Pikamoon presale. Early investors who witnessed the price jump from $0.0002 in the first phase of the presale are bagging up the most tokens in the third round of the presale because they know how much the price will increase after Pikamoon launches on major exchanges.

Big investors are making serious moves to secure profits in 2023. Don’t miss out. Get on the Pikamoon presale now.

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