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XRP Army Awaits Ripple Victory Party for Clues on XRP Futures, IPO, Trillion-Dollar Partnerships


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As the celebration party by Ripple takes place today in New York, XRP enthusiasts eagerly await what could be in store for them from the XRP victory commemoration.

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Some members of the XRP Army believe Ripple could make a pivotal declaration at the gathering. In a recent tweet, Collin Brown, a pro-XRP blockchain researcher, shared his anticipation and speculation for the Ripple Proper Party.

The tweet garnered significant attention, posing the question: “What Kind of Announcement Awaits Us?”

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Brown outlined several intriguing possibilities. He speculated Ripple could be on the verge of a settlement in its ongoing legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Given that such an outcome implies the end of the protracted legal suit, the XRP community believes it would impact the market value of XRP significantly, similar to the scenario witnessed in July.

Moreover, Brown highlighted the prospects of Ripple going public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Based on results from a deep examination of 64,000 firms that have existed through an IPO, a prominent financial research firm concluded that Ripple has a 98% chance of an IPO. 

Meanwhile, Brown also put Ripple’s long-standing efforts to establish partnerships with major financial institutions and payment networks under consideration. He argued Ripple could be gearing up to unveil strategic alliances with trillion-dollar banks or even with SWIFT.

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Besides, the researcher speculated about XRP Futures contracts coming to fruition. 

XRP Community Reacts

Amid the anticipation surrounding the Ripple Proper Party, not everyone within the XRP community shares the same level of optimism. Some commenters to Brown’s tweet expressed skeptical viewpoints about the outlined events happening.

An X user remarked:

“[It is] just a celebration of the court’s decision. Everything else is hopium. We are still in a bear market.”

Ripple CTO Confirms Anticipation

Meanwhile, in a prior statement, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, gave credence to similar speculation of potential developments from Ripple’s celebration. 

Previously, a prominent XRP influencer highlighted five possibilities resulting from the party. They included settlement, IPO, XRP reaching $3.84, SEC chairman being shamed, and “XRPP does Jell-O shots with B-Rad.” Schwartz said two of the events would come to pass.

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