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Here’s a Projected Timeline for XRP to Reach $100: Top Analyst


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A crypto market pundit has provided a projected timeline for XRP to reach the ambitious $100 price target, but there might be a catch.

XRP has taken center stage amid the ongoing bull market, but not for the right reasons. Despite Bitcoin (BTC) being 65% up this year and Ethereum (ETH) boasting a 53% gain, XRP has only increased by a mere 1.28% within the same timeframe.

This stunted growth rate has triggered concerns among seasoned and new investors alike. Nonetheless, projections of an imminent price uptick have emerged, with some market analysts pointing out the fact that XRP equally underperformed in the early stage of the 2017 bull run before eventually outperforming the entire market.

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As these projections surface, the prospect of XRP breaching $1 and its $3.31 all-time high has been a topic of discussion. However, most recently, Andrew Forte, Head of Strategy at Unfungible and Director of Business Development at dappd, spotlighted an ambitious price target.

Projected Timeline for XRP to Reach $100

Forte recently took to X to present predictions for what he believes could be the state of the crypto market in 2037, thirteen years from now. One such prediction is that XRP would have clinched a $100 price point. The $100 price would represent a 15,951% increase from XRP’s current value.

The host of the 24HrsCrypto media outlet also made a similar price projection last November, predicting XRP to reach $100. He cited Bitcoin’s ability to reach greater heights despite not having the attractive features XRP boasts, including low fees, minimal environmental impact and faster transactions.

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In addition, in June 2022, Matt Hamilton, a former Ripple Director, revealed that he sees no reason why XRP cannot reach $100 at some point in the future. When asked if XRP has the potential to reach the $100 price last October, Steven Neyaroff, a former Ethereum advisor, answered in the affirmative. 

While these predictions have been dominant in the community, these pundits have not given projected timelines such as the 2037 from Forte. 

Besides the XRP prediction, Forte also projected other phenomena he believes would materialize in 2037. According to him, Bitcoin would have surged by over 1,320% to $1 million then and Ethereum would be trading at $20,000, marking a 471% rise from the current price.

As for the XRP forecast, analysts at crypto platform Changelly hold a less optimistic view. According to them, XRP would only reach $100 as its maximum price in February 2040. Meanwhile, Telegaon does not see XRP hitting $100 even in 2050.

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Sam Wisdom Raphael
Sam Wisdom Raphael
Sam Wisdom Raphael is a seasoned crypto news writer and journalist with 5 years of experience covering blockchain, DeFi, and crypto developments. Sam's active presence in the crypto community complements his deep understanding of the crypto space, allowing him to craft comprehensible price analysis reports and tackle technical blockchain concepts.

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