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Canada Approves Launch of World’s First Ethereum Based ETF

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Canada is making a name for itself in cryptocurrency market. Two months after approving the world’s first Bitcoin ETF, Canadian regulators have approved the world’s first Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF).

The approval was given to Toronto-based asset management firm, Purpose Investments. Recall that the company was also the first to receive Bitcoin ETF approval from the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) back in February.

According to the official announcement on April 16, Purpose will manage the ETF, and Ether Capital Corporation will act as a special advisor to Purpose.

Purpose Investments CEO Som Seif expressed his delight, according to him, Ethereum is one of the most exciting technologies in the crypto space.


The CI Galaxy Ethereum ETF Fund plans to charge a management fee of 0.4%.

The custodian of the Evolves Ether ETF is Gemini. On April 20, the company plans to launch the instrument on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The price of ether has been rising over the past week, rising by 35.9% due to the Berlin hard fork and a host of events, reaching an all-time high. The situation is expected to improve with the introduction of ETFs, which are likely to have a positive impact on the price.

These ETFs will be available on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) by April 20. Recently, Ethereum has attracted a lot of interest from institutional investors and corporate structures, as the second largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization revolutionizes the blockchain industry and changes their perception about crypto.

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