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Bitcoin Cash Payment Processor Adds Paypal API Integration And URL Shortener


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Prompt.cash, a non-custodial bitcoin cash payment processor. The payment processor is now equipped with URL shortening that allows users to monetize content on any site on the web. In addition, Prompt.cash added Paypal API integration, making it easier for merchants to seamlessly test Bitcoin Cash payments.

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Prompt.cash, was launched just three months ago, they are already rolling out new features to make its offering more useful to users. One such interesting addition is URL shortening. This will allow users to monetize access to any website. Prompt.cash can also accept any Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens minted using the Bitcoin Cash chain.


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One of the biggest challenges faced by payment systems is the cost of integration. Many companies that would like to test new payment systems often refuse them. This is due to the cost involved in integrating them into their structure. Prompt.cash is working to minimize the friction and cost of adding Bitcoin cash payments to each platform.

Ecliptor, developer of Prompt.cash, emphasized:

“Compatibility on the API layer enables websites using Paypal to try out bitcoin cash payments without investing many resources and developer knowledge.”

As a result of this work, merchants can modify any of the thousands of plugins available to make it compatible with Prompt.cash. Hence, by simply changing a couple of things, these merchants will be able to offer Bitcoin cash payments in no time.

Prompt.cash provides integrations with many popular platforms. For this reason, static pages, WordPress, Node.js, PHP, WHCMS and Android platforms can integrate Prompt.cash payments.

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