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In 2021 Chainlink Onboarded An Average Of 1.4 New Partners Daily


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According to Cointelegraph Report Chainlink is able to recruit new partners twice as quickly in 2021 than it was in 2020.

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Chainlink, Oracle’s top provider, has been integrating partners at over 1.4 daily so far in 2021.

Chainlink archives show that 281 crypto projects have already announced integrations in 2021 with Chainlink. 

The current total number of third party integrations in the Chainlink stands at 650, that means that 43% percent of Chainlink partners came this year. Chainlink has integrated approximately 250 partners throughout 2020.

Chainlink’s partners may be obscure, yet some of the most prominent players in crypto have teamed up recently with Chainlink including the, Alchemix, Huobi ECO chain and the Hedera Board of Governors.

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Chainlink’s Verifiable random Function (VRF) is being used by a growing number of projects. It offers decentralized applications an automated and secure way to generate randomization.

Infinity Skies, a blockchain-based game, announced on July 20 that it had partnered with Chainlink to distribute its in game “loot” fairly.

PancakeSwap also integrated Chainlink VRF Functionality for its decentralized lottery application last week.

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