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ARTMonbat Project – Harnessing of secondary energy sources and a promise of the fluidity of ARNO tokens at the maximum rate

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Cryptocurrency is a world of chances, risks, euphoria, and debacles. In such a volatile arena we at ARNO are in an endeavor to minimize your losses. Though a continuous increase in tokens is not something anyone in the crypto space can guarantee, we have been striving to make the token fluid at the maximum rate. Our team has given shape to the ARNO project with their high-tech development which ensures the presence of intellectual property, free access to decentralized assets, and development and implementation of real products.

Getting to Know the ARNO Token

ARNO token is an ERC-20 token which is the technical standard for implementing a token on all smart contracts on the Ethereum chain. These are blockchain-based assets possessing value and can be used for trading (sending and receiving). There have been a total of 50,000,000 tokens released and the tokens are not reissued. Here are a few facts about the token:

  • In the case of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), the number of tokens will be less than 8% of the amount that is allocated for sale.
  • The funds raised for ICO and IEO will be used to develop the ARNO green project and spend on buying equipment along with the development and testing of the project.
  • The amount needed for listing on exchanges will also be invested.
  • Participating in the ICO or IEO in the first and second rounds are very profitable ventures. Once the two rounds of ICO/IEO are over there will be listings in exchanges.
  • Once ARNO token is listed on the exchanges, a certain number of tokens would be available for auction by the project team. Traders who are holding the auction are not related to the developers.
  • After the token has been bought by the participants, there will be no input of cryptocurrency by the team on this platform for a year.
  • You can participate in the ICO or IEO by purchasing our tokens from any tracker where the ARNO project is located.
  • The bonus rewards in the ICO/IEO are detailed below:
    • If you buy between 30 to 299 coins, you get a 10% bonus.
    • If you buy between 300 to 1499 coins, you get a 15% bonus.
    • If you buy coins above 1500 then you get a 20% bonus.
  • You can use the cryptocurrency to participate in the ICO/IEO as the value of tokens is automatically converted to equivalent cryptocurrencies.

 ARNO Project – Creation and Production of Secondary Energy Resources Based on Lead Acid Battery Cells

When you invest in ARNO tokens, you are actually investing in the production of really necessary products which are produced using high-tech methods. The entire ecosystem of the project revolves around ARNO tokens. Not even the popular tokens like ETH or BTC are used as a settlement tool for the project. ARNO is the only token in circulation as far as the project and everything else connected to it is concerned.

  • The project is physical and already working. It is the new direction for efficient energy systems which is quite in demand now.
  • We use carbon nanomaterials to create home products that are based on lead-acid battery cells.
  • We are able to produce additives of many types which can be used in different fields of application.
  • Our in-house team of scientists, technologists, and engineers is well-equipped to store energy by using our proprietary additives. This also improves efficiency and betters the capacity of batteries produced by us.
  • Our technical practices are benefiting many industries like those that manufacture electronic products, power systems, hybrid vehicles, etc. With our technology, they are able to offer products to their end-users that are high-performing and more flexible.
  • Here is a snapshot of the products provided by our green energy project:
    • Carbon additives for Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries to improve the performance and durability of batteries.
    • Capacitors for charge storage.

ARNO and MONBAT collaboration

To bridge the gap between our plans and their actualization, we have a very impressive, interested, and respected investor in our project, the giant in lead-acid batteries in Europe, MONBAT group of companies. MONBAT is one of the largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries in Europe and comes second only to Jhonson and Jhonson (after they bought Varta). This joint venture is called ARTMonbat where our management company, Advanced Carbon (Bulgaria), owns 35% of the shares.

  • We have seamlessly combined our interest (which is the production of carbon nanomaterials) with those of manufacturers of batteries for sweat and retail sales.
  • MONBAT group gets access to cutting-edge technology and our ARNO token project – to factory laboratories, factory production lines, and distribution channels.
  • Our enterprise will produce nanomaterials that will be used to produce next-generation batteries by MONBAT. We will then use this to create energy storage and manufacture systems for home and semi-industrial applications.
  • We are on our way to develop a complex for production with a contract already concluded from our side and paid for with a renowned and competent enterprise in Belarus. A site has already been chosen by us for the construction of a production complex along with the necessary infrastructure.
  • We will also be creating a full package of technical documentation, within the next three months.
  • We have received all the required permits and are now conducting preparatory work on-site in Bulgaria.

ARNO IEO listing planning

The end date of the second phase of the preICO sales will be the start date of the IEO – trading of “trust” packages of the ARNO token on three to four centralized exchanges. Accordingly, upon passing the validation, which gives access to exchange trading, and the beginning of the IEO, a “trust” package of tokens with a value that will exceed the one indicated now ($ 2 per token) will be sent to the exchanges for sale, while trading on the site, and affiliate programs will, of course, be closed. But the AirDrop program will remain, which will be seriously expanded. This will happen in early to mid-August of this year, that is, in about two weeks – a month.

The IEO phase will be, accordingly, divided into two components – preliminary and primary trading-placement of “trust” packages on each of the exchanges, which we will name a little later, but no later than the end of the week.

The IEO phase will last for a month, followed by a listing phase on some of the centralized and decentralized Uniswap exchanges, which will take another two weeks to a month.

After that, the ARNO token project will finally move to the ICO phase, that is, directly to trading.


The world is going to see a surge in the energy storage market in near future as homes as well as industries are eagerly adopting battery energy storage to supplement solar energy systems in the pursuit of using renewable energy sources. With our energy-efficient projects and ARTMonbat venture, we are embarking on a journey towards a greener environment.

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