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The Biggest Presale of 2021 is Here, JET token by GameJet

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GameJet is a blockchain gaming and NFT marketplace project powered by the JET token.

The project has a well-designed roadmap and the best appealing whitepaper.

The project stats are already booming with Tron community as it is a TRC20 blockchain platform.

Very few projects in Tron network gained this hype and hardly survived in the fluctuating market.

The presale is set to go live in the second week of September 2021.

Why will JET token boom 300%?

  • Big Tron Community
  • Game launch is scheduled after the presale
  • Japanese game developer partnership in progress
  • Maximum number of token holders.

Let’s Start!

Gaming is a flourishing business with advanced state of art where timely new technical games are released every day. This industry is so prevailing that it hit the digital markets within a few years, whereas many cryptocurrencies are now empowering their holders a chance to play games and freely earn tokens.

Owing to the scenario, a new project, “GameJet” took the privilege of this opportunity, and the team is dedicated to developing exclusive games to entertain its holders. Not only the preferred games but also we are holding every possible event for holders to participate and earn rewards willingly to further trade in profitable investments.

The developer on GameJet has designed challenges, tournaments, levels, and a unique theme for fights which will be the final show with fine results. Any participants can eventually join the competition and grab GameJet JET tokens.

There are rare new projects established and working on Tron network that has effectively gained the rising hype and hardly survived in this fluctuating market. GameJet is one of the prominent name that is ready to forge new benchmarks for the forthcoming gaming and NFT project with its booming launch.

The developers are now in talks to kick-start the presale on the second week of September 2021 with the launch of games. Any players can test their luck while playing on GameJet to cross the eligibility for joining the runner-up group. You can also win money, tokens, and valuable gaming rewards with us.

Our team will pick out the winners who will acquire the final prize. We decided this with the reason to grant gamers countless chances to earn something back while playing their favourites. Together with shooting games, there are many sci-fi games in a virtual world of GameJet. Our team is expecting to attract masses from around the gaming space.

The firm behind GameJet Network had always focused to make the client’s and traders’ investments entertaining, enjoyable, carefree, and profitable, giving every enthusiasts a chance to win massive sitting at home.

Our team has also release a statement about introducing rigorous NFT technology and functionality to our gaming community. We are planning forward to merge this tech with the latest decentralized financial yield generation, game keys, lotteries, and personalized gaming protocols model.

GameJet also requests the players to appreciate their move and decision as the project is effortlessly trying to test every feasible possibility in our upcoming plans. We are happy to broadcast that GameJet has a well-designed roadmap and best appealing whitepaper with detailed prospects.

We have carefully chosen Tron over BSC and ETH. Our team of experts have already made many significant changes and updates in crucial protocols. We are looking forward to offer JET token holders cheaper and faster transactions. The TRC20 based token extends the limitations and drawbacks; it clearly defines the sophisticated framework developed on the platform.

The company charges 20% for initial token burn and 40% of the tokens will be distributed in public and presale to all holders. We have a total supply of 1 billion tokens, out of which 20% is reserved for the transaction burn and 20% is raised for Devs and marketing purposes. Furthermore, 20% is for liquidity lock.

GameJet JET Token Presale Begins in September 2021

GameJet Network announced that the JET Token will start its initial presale on the second week of September 2021, hosted at https://gamejet.network/. Also, we are running the bounty program on GameJet to distribute 25 million JET tokens.

The JET token is a TRC-20 NFT tokenized and designed to reward the efforts of gamers and to drive engagement on GameJet social gaming platform. JET tokens have a variety of utilization:

  • It will be served as player rewards earned by playing on GameJet games;
  • It will be used to pay for entry fees in specific events; and
  • It will have governance functions like enabling token holders to vote on GameJet game deployment, and the reward distribution and rewards pools.

GameJet is a betrothal hyper-casual gaming application where players need to complete game missions, cross swords in tournaments and earn rewards/prizes for their achievements. The user can who have participated in the GameJet Registration and Referral Program will definitely have a profitable deal. You can find more relevant information about the GameJet and JET Token in the whitepaper. Further details will be released as soon as practicable.

GameJet Vision

We are on a mission to offer an all-in-one suite of token presale for investors occupying all levels of experience. This will help them minimize crypto investment risk and raise the likelihood of profitable trading.

Steering the principles of entire transparency, reliability, and identifiable, GameJet team is demonstrating a crypto asset presale to make sure users can handle a high-degree of risk management using advanced investing tools within the volatile DeFi ecosystem.

The GameJet network is a blockchain-powered gaming platform created to make businesses truly efficient, transparent, and reliable. To further scale the operations and raise the reputation, we are releasing diverse games on our DeFi platform, where gamers can earn stable income by playing games.

GameJet is powered by its utility tokenized asset $JET to serve as the fuel and power up the entire GameJet ecosystem where holders can freely use this token to buy goods and services. $JET is a utility and revolutionary token with the symbol “JET” developed with an actual purpose, hold $JET tokens to get the authorization and access to the advanced gaming metrics.

It doesn’t end there $JET smart rewards each holder in native currency for every buy, sell, trade, or transfer of the token. In simple terms, the user can hold $JET tokens and grab rewards in terms of native tokens.

We hold more than10 years of experience specifically in innovative social impact strategies. Our GameJet team prides on delivering the core values by introducing a safer investment ecosystem for every trader, gamer, and investor; regardless of their market position, race, or investment size.

Future Plans

  1. Big Tron Community
  2. Game launch is scheduled after the presale
  3. Japanese game developer partnership in progress
  4. Maximum number of token holders.


  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 JET token
  • Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000 JET token
  • Platform: TRC20 Tron Blockchain
  • Symbol: JET
  • Contract: TRAuXHmxGYTM73ZuKQnAtSYTDuDMine1BJ

Make sure not to miss this opportunity to invest and hold rewards in our hidden gem project!

Twitter- https://twitter.com/gamejetpro

Telegram- https://t.me/GamejetPro

Medium- https://t.me/GamejetPro

Reddit- https://www.reddit.com/user/gamejetprotocol

Official Website- https://gamejet.network/

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