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Radio Caca: The Next Token to Revolutionize the Gaming Industry with Universal Metaverse

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What is RACA?

A decentralized organization, RACA is operated by innovative internet-native individuals all over the globe. With the vision to build a brave new virtual world for users to explore, RACA aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by becoming the first-ever 3D virtual planet. Not only is RACA the native token for Universal Metaverse and the blockchain Play-to-Earn game, Metamon, the futuristic token is also the exclusive manager of “Maye Musk Mystery Box” (MPB) NFT.

RACA Token Overview

Total Supply: 443,478,491,084

Transaction Tax: 0%

Market Cap: 989,858,335.79 USDT

Launch Date: May 2021

Coinstore Listing: 8 December 2021

Deposit Time: 7 December 2021, 14:00 (UTC+8)

Trade Time: 8 December 2021, 17:30 (UTC+8)

What is the Token Utility of RACA?

Being the native token for Metamon and Universal Metaverse, the RACA token has multiple-use cases such as:

  • Staked RACA and NFTs to earn NFTs
  • Purchasing RACA’s inaugural celebrity NFT – Maye Musk Plus Box (MPB) which grants several benefits such as airdrops, entitlements, and status
  • Purchasing USM Lands’ NFTs such as Doge State Land (MML), Bake State Land (BMM), Kiss-up State Land (KISS), etc.
  • Purchasing game characters and items such as N/R/SR/SSR rarity Metamon characters, Diamonds, Potions, and Metamon Eggs

At the time of writing, one RACA token is valued at $0.005418~ USDT, with a 24-hour trading volume of $177,990,813.24, and a rise steady of 19.90% in the last 24-hours.

A Closer Look at RACA’s Tokenomics

RACA has a total token supply of 443,478,491,084, with a transaction tax of %. More details of RACA’s tokenomics are as such:

  • 30% tokens allocated to public market investors
  • 29% tokens staked
  • 41% tokens bought back and burned
  • 45% tokens allocated to treasury (NFT sales and game income)
  • 00% tokens designated to future investors
  • 00% tokens assigned to the team
  • 00% tokens allocated to marketing operations
  • 00% tokens divided amongst eco partners
  • 00% tokens distributed to special NFT BMM Farming
  • 34% tokens allocated to LP Pools
  • 10% allocated to SAFT 1

RACA does not charge tax for any transaction.

RACA’s Roadmap

In its drive to revolutionize the gaming industry, RACA has mapped out several fascinating milestones in their roadmap. Here is a look at what goals they plan to achieve:

  1. Integrate Metamon and the NFT marketplace into the USM ecosystem, and have the beta version of USM launched before the end of 2021.
  2. Launch the USM Chain Mainnet by June 2022 to be able to meet the requirements of large-scale blockchain applications.

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About Coinstore

Coinstore’s goal is to advance the crypto industry to the next level and provide access to popular digital assets to the mainstream public. Encompassing a whole new concept of “fun” in finance, Coinstore also aims to equip our users with experience and techniques to buy, sell and trade on the go. Still in its up-and-coming stages, Coinstore welcomes community members and interested influencer partners to join us for collaborations.

Media Contact:

Charles Tan, Marketing Head, Coinstore

[email protected]

Liu Yi Yun, Branding Executive, Coinstore

[email protected]

Coinstore Social Media:


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