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14.6M Shiba Inu Burned In Two Days But Such Burning Got Criticized By A Twitter Follower


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Shiba Inu is burned on daily basis, in the past two days total of 14.6M shib were burned. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is burning itself on a regular basis to reach the moon and meet the man there with the name “1 cent” or “0.01”. That’s a fun talk but that a total of 410,300,751,609,570 SHIB tokens, which accounts for 41.03008% of the initial supply of 1 quadrillion, has been burned till now is not a joke definitely.

Shibburn’s official Twitter account just reported that 1,132,023 tokens were burned in just the last 24 hours.

On Jan 9th there were a total of 13,493,759 SHIB tokens burned with 9 transactions. So this brings a total burning number to 14,625,782 (14.6M) in the last two days.

Following the news, some haters for the cute dog-themed token criticized the official account for sharing the tweets with such low amounts of burning as this feels embarrassing and makes a mockery of SHIB’s ecosystem entire existence. The follower also advised Shibburn to post tweets only when SHIB becomes able to up the burn rate by x1000%.

“Well, not sure how you will feel when you find out that there’s no one behind the account tweeting these transactions and calculations, it’s automated. High or low, it gets tweeted.”

Whatever, SHIB is not only a popular coin but has also proved itself to be the life-changer for many of its holders. Coin Market Cap (CMC) data shows that holders who purchased SHIB tokens at the time of launch have already seen an increase of 1768274.86% in their investment portfolio.

Shiba Inu’s team is currently working day and night on amazing things like Shibarium blockchain, NFT Multiplayer Collectible Card Game, Doggy DAO, and much more. The massive bull run before seems to be the trailer for many of its holders. The complete picture is still considered under development and is expected soon to be released.

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