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World Third Biggest ETH Whale ‘Light’ Bought 58,900,000,000 Shiba Inu Tokens For $1.9M, Making SHIB Her Biggest Holding


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Shib’s price is rising, causing Ethereum whales to buy Shiba Inu more and more.

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Some rumors about SHIB listing on Robinhood in February are causing Top Ethereum wallets to purchase Shiba Inu coins insanely.

One of the giant Ethereum whales given the name of ‘Light’ ranking the third amount the top 1000 Ethereum rich list bought staggering 58,900,000,000 (58.9B) for $1,906,59 (1.9M).


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Yesterday’s Twitter account and a Political News Source @zerohedge with 1.1M followers posted that Robinhood will probably list Shib in Feb 2022. Such news from a top account increases whales’ attraction to buy an enormous sum of Shib and caused Shib’s price to increase 20 percent in the last 24 hours, currently trading at $0.0000326.

Overall, “Light” holds 228 tokens, among which SHIB token makes 34% of her total portfolio, as the whale has accumulated Millions of Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens worth $1,201,843,200. Shiba Inu is the top holding of the whale representing 34% of her entire portfolio.

The second-largest token the whale is holding is a stable coin USDC. 12.55% of the Light portfolio represents the USDC token. The whale has $441,278,368 worth of USDC stable coin. Right now, the whale also holds 127,386 Ethereum that represents 12% of her portfolio.

She holds such a large amount of stable coin that shows that the whale can convert her holdings to purchase more of Shia Inu or any other coin. Whale’s aggressive accumulation can also be considered a bullish sign for Shib as it may show that the accumulation phase might be over for Shiba Inu, and a new price surge may come soon.

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