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“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Author, Robert Kiyosaki: ‘Fed Is Destroying Dollar, Save In Bitcoin”


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“Central Bank Is Destroying Dollar, Buy Bitcoin,” Says Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

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The famous writer of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, said the central bank of the United States (Fed) is destroying the Dollar’s purchasing power, so people should buy Bitcoin.

With his best-selling book that theme is to get free financially, Robert Kiyosaki has always been an enthusiast of financial freedom. More recently, he has frequently defended Bitcoin, which, alongside other assets, can be one of the alternative stores of value.

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After the worldwide lockdowns due to the corona crisis, in the past two years, central banks worldwide have printed a lot of money so, and the fear of fiat money devaluation and collapse has been frequent talk among critics.

The US Federal Reserve, the Fed, printed most of its currencies during the crisis over the past two years. This situation is loured by those who advocate more secure financial control of money and a scarcity of currency.

Thus, several theorists and investors have theories that hyperinflation could take over the world and drive people into poverty. One of them is Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

According to Kiyosaki, the Fed and the US Treasury are destroying the US Dollar, the main currency for global transactions. He believes that those who save this currency are heading towards “financial hell.”

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However, according to a proverb he shared on his Twitter, to get to “financial paradise,” there are 1 million paths. He believes that those who save their resources in Bitcoin, gold, and silver will be much safer.

“There are a million paths to financial heaven and a billion paths to financial hell.”Fed and Treasury are destroying the dollar sending billions of $ savers & uninformed to financial Hell. Go to financial heaven. Save gold, silver, & Bitcoin.”

As Bitcoin is a decentralized currency with no government or entity that cannot control it, it is restricted to 21 million units.

With this scarcity, many who study Bitcoin see it as a natural hedge against fiat currency inflation, issued by governments and printed whenever they want.

Thus, it is important to study the fundamentals of Bitcoin’s monetary policy, as stated by Robert, which can be an essential instrument of protection against inflation caused by governments.

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