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AXS Up 50%, SLP Up 140% After Axie Infinity Made Major Changes To Game’s Payment System


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Axie Infinity, the leading play-to-earn game on the market, has made significant changes to the game’s payment system.

The game decreased the SLP (Smooth Love Potion) rewards in battles; it also increased the range and the AXS reward value on the leaderboard.

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Due to this update and the recent rise of Bitcoin (BTC), the prices of the two tokens are experiencing a significant increase in the week. At the time of writing, SLP is trading at $0.025, up 140%, while AXS is trading at 67.32%, up 57% after the announcement since Feb 3rd.

The main change expected in this update is greater competition for the leaderboard, that is, in theory, players will seek to improve their axie teams. As for the SLP, a lower supply is expected to increase its price.

Key Points

  • “Adventure mode SLP will be sunset (reduced to 0). This includes rewards for first-time completion.
  • Daily quest SLP will be sunset (reduced to 0).
  • Arena reward structure will be changed dramatically (reduced SLP rewards and AXS leaderboard massively expanded).
  • Sub 800 MMR players will now earn 1 SLP per win. We want to be considerate for players with weaker Axies, so we’re adding this back in (for now).
  • We are considering reworking the energy system to scale more linearly, making additional energy more accessible and boosting demand for weaker Axies.

Season 20 is close, and when it’s released, a variety of crucial economic balancing changes will be implemented.”

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SLP rewards lowered to zero

Opening the note, the team at Sky Mavis, accountable for Axie Infinity, points out that players will no longer receive rewards for adventure mode (PvE), the same goes for daily missions.

Such an adventure mode was responsible for 40% of the created SLPs, another 14% with the daily quest. So this is an attempt to stop the SLP from bleeding; after all, the token is still down 96% from its all-time high.

In addition, player-versus-player (PvP) rewards have also been tweaked to balance SLP supply and demand, as shown below.

0000-0999 — 1 SLP per win
1000-1099 — 3 SLP per win
1100-1299 — 6 to 5 SLP per win
1300-1499 — 9 to 6 SLP per win
1500-1799 — 12 to 8 SLP per win
1800-1999 — 15 to 10 SLP per win
2000+ — 18 to 12 SLP per win

Bigger AXS prizes in the season

Although AXS has also dropped sharply from its all-time high, marking a current low of 60%, the developers of Axie Infinity decided to increase the prize pool using this token.

During season 19, 3,000 AXS were distributed to the top 1,000 players. As for the next season, season 20, the team claims that the prize pool will be given to 300,000 players, an increase of 300 times. The report also points out that there are currently 1.5 million players. In addition, the pot size will also increase from 3,000 to 117,676 AXS.

While an increase in AXS distribution could represent a price drop, the developer team believes that the higher number of paid us will cause more people to buy and create new axies, increasing the demand for the token. Finally, the team also announced that they would change the character’s energy system.

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