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This Business Burned 415 Million Shiba Inu Coins In One Day, Overall 655M Shib Burned In Two Days


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Valentine’s season has proved his love for Shiba Inu.

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On Tuesday, the pseudonymous developer of Brick Buster, the game available to play on Google Play Store, announced that he has taken out 415 million Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens from circulation forever. He also has shared a burn transaction proof with his followers on his official Twitter handle.

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On February 14, he proclaimed that he had purchased a total of 415,555,725 (415M) Shiba tokens for burning purposes on February 15 which were then destroyed.

He says “Huge Thanks” to the entire Shiba Community as, without them, such a massive burn party was not possible. He has also attached the screenshot of the purchase as proof with his tweet and shared it with the entire community to remain transparent.

Today, Shibburn reported that within the last 24 hours, a total of 429,067,440 Shiba Inu tokens (429M) were taken out of circulation with the help of 9 transactions. The figure released by Shibburn validates Brick Buster’s reported burn.

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On February 14, Steven Cooper, an owner of Bigger Entertainment, organized a SHIB Burn Party. Bigger Entertainment was able to burn over 240 million Shiba Inu tokens on Shib valentine’s day.

In this way, over 655 million Shiba Inu tokens have been burned through Burn Parties arranged by two individual companies within only 48 hours. This is massive for Shiba Inu Community.

On the other hand, yesterday Steven Cooper noted that Bigger Entertainment would end Shiba Inu Burn Tickets as it hurt their reputation. Still, he assured the shib community that they would not go anywhere and bring new ways for burning shib.

Bigger Entertainment confirmed that they will still arrange burn parties, but they have to transition and restructure the Burning Model for Shiba Inu token to serve the community better and offer more transparency.

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