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DOXED- A New Way to Double-Check Crypto Projects 


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There’s a lot of pressure in crypto to be one of the earliest investors to a new project in order to get the highest gains. But there’s also enormous risk. By this point, you can find a wasteland of dead projects, rugged tokens, and broken dreams littering Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain.  

This kind of problem in the crypto space brings down people’s dreams. But don’t worry, there is always a solution, and the Doxed platform comes to address this uniquely, assisting users and cleaning up the crypto area. 

The main problem with crypto 

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An abundance of individuals have been victimized by rug pulls (when liquidity is pulled, rendering a token worthless and untradeable). Websites with team members and bios simply disappeared, along with the money everyone invested.  

Part of the problem that leads to so many scams and con jobs is that the perpetrators of rug face no penalty pull without the accountability of public exposure and reputational investment.  

A vision for a project to push back against the deception came to be called Doxed. Their plan is to verify that the bios alleged to be the team members of a project are legitimate, which they hope will generate income and help clean up the space. 

More about the project  

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Dox’s dreams of the Doxed stamp of approval becoming as widely expected as code auditing, and believes that this tool can spare more people from falling victim to rugs. Practicing what they preach. The entire leadership team had to Dox in order to be part of the project. 

In addition to the identity verification service, the Doxed token has a number of interesting features worth mentioning. With every buy and sell, 3% of the transaction will automatically build the liquidity pool. The liquidity is locked for 1 year. With the recent launch and a consolidated market cap of around 1 million, this project has serious potential to grow and is taking the proper steps.  

The initial few days and weeks of a project can involve wild speculation and irrational valuations. There’s no telling whether you’re early or whether the top has already been reached during that initial pump. But by leveraging the features of the contract to stabilize the long-term liquidity, Doxed is giving a chance to thrive without relying on Venture Capitalists. 

Updates on the project development 

To see what else Doxed have to bring on the table you can follow them on their social media and visit their website. 

Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 

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