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‘Bigger Entertainment’ Bringing “SHIBFIT” App With A Unique Burn Mechanism That Will Burn Shiba Inu As Users Burn Calories


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Bigger Entertainment Officially Begins Working on Most Awaited “SHIBFIT” App.

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The time to get fit while burning Shiba Inu is near, as Steven Cooper, owner of Bigger Entertainment, has started working on the SHIBFIT App.

Steven is on a mission to burn SHIB and likes to see Shiba Inu’s price on the 1 cent mark. He knows this can be possible only if his company, along with the Shiba Inu community, becomes involved in SHIB burning activities, as SHIB’s current supply is massive, i.e., 549.063 Trillion as per data provided by CoinMarketCap.

To reach the 1 cent mark, Shiba Inu token should have to reach $5.49 Trillion of Market Cap, and this seems impossible as the market cap for the world’s biggest crypto Bitcoin (BTC) currently stands under 1 trillion, i.e., $733,243,481,170 ($733B) at the time of writing.

Bigger Entertainment is busy creating new and innovative ways to cut SHIB’s massive supply by sending the SHIB tokens to the dead wallet.

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SHIBFIT App is considered one of the innovative ways to burn SHIB; As users would take steps to maintain fitness and burn their calories, the app would burn shib. The App would be ads-based, the revenue generated from ads will run SHIB token burn. However, the company hasn’t yet confirmed the exact percentage of revenue used for SHIB token burn.

According to Bigger Entertainment’s official blog post, besides the SHIBFIT app, the company is also working on other innovative projects like building its first blockchain-based Music Game, MixDraft, and NFT Marketplace Expansion, Decentralized Merch, and much more, which are planned for burning SHIB in 2022.

Till now, Bigger Entertainment as an individual company had been able to burn over 1.5 billion SHIB tokens alone since October, when it first initiated “Burn Campaigns.”

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