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This New Token Has The Ability To Burn 1.47 Trillion Shiba Inu Per Month


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This New Token Has The Ability To Burn Billions Of Shiba Inu Per Day and a trillion in a month.

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ShibaBurn, a new token, has taken out over 111 Million Shiba Inu tokens from circulation in February.

ShibaBurn, a new hyper deflationary token launched on the BSC Network, comes up with the vision to decimate the supply of Shiba Inu tokens. The token has the potential to burn 10 billion SHIB tokens per day.

In February, the ShibaBurn token sent 111 Million Shiba Inu tokens to dead wallets with their burn mechanism, i.e., the team behind the token collected money from the 10% BuyBack tax wallet with which they manually purchased Shiba Inu tokens and sent it to the dead wallet.

So far, the ShibaBurn token has been able to burn 323,703,699 (323M) SHIB tokens, according to their official website.

The pseudonymous $Shib Knight (@army_shiba) and Duncan Gray (@DuncanGray) are the official burn ambassadors of the token. However, like most of the other meme coins, the token’s creator is anonymous.

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According to one of the tweets posted by ShibaBurn’s official Twitter handle, if the ShibaBurn token ever reaches $15 million daily trading volume, this would help burn a whopping 1,476,154,428,450 (1.47 Trillion) Shiba Inu tokens, i.e., around $40 million worth of shib coins every month.

On February 22, Shib Knight, one of the pseudonymous official burn ambassadors of the token, reported via tweet that he had sent 44,444,444 (44M) SHIB tokens to a dead wallet with the sponsorship of the ShibaBurn token. He said in a tweet that the higher token volume would help burn more SHIB.

On February 26, Duncan Gray, another official burn ambassador of the ShibaBurn token, reported burning 11,111,111 (11M) SHIB tokens. He also invited the SHIBArmy via tweet to join the ShibaBurn’s vision of burning billions of SHIB each day.

Readers should note that the ShibaBurn token is not the official partner of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) token, nor does it have any direct relation with its ecosystem but the only token which comes with the mission to decrease the supply of Shiba Inu token significantly and helps the SHIB price to reach the moon.

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