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Coinstore is happy to announce our commitment to security by listing on, the blockchain’s leading security score aggregator for crypto exchanges. Ranked with a CER TrustScore of BBB! is happy to announce our commitment to security by listing on – the blockchain’s leading security score aggregator for crypto exchanges. At the time of writing, holds a CER TrustScore of BBB and has received the highest certification of 3-stars from Currently ranked at 41 among the top 100 exchanges listed on, is delighted to be able to provide our users with a safe and secure platform for trading crypto.

CER is a cybersecurity ranking certification platform that conducts security reviews and assessments. Using distinctive methods which consist of over 18 indicators that are constantly being updated and enhanced based on the industry’s best practices, these audits are conducted by highly skilled researchers and white hackers to ensure exchanges are well protected from potential attacks.

Having reviewed over 270 crypto exchanges and conducted dozens of security assessments, the CER score has become an important indicator of trust for crypto users around the world, demonstrating its relevance. This makes CER pertinent when trying to predict and monitor hacking accidents and cybersecurity attacks.

With recent threats such as the hack on which resulted in a theft of $30 million worth of crypto from 483 users’ digital wallets, as well as the hack on Solana which lost over $320 million, it’s important to constantly stay updated on security protection. On top of utilising Hackenproof’s Bug Bounty services to receive reports on security bugs from hackers, customers, and independent security researchers, has also stayed vigilant with its security by employing other measures. This includes Cloudfare for protection against malicious DDOS attacks, keeping assets safe from hackers by storing more than 70% of users’ funds offline. Furthermore, to be able to track the legitimacy of funds for AML purposes, a strict know-your-customer (KYC) process has been implemented to ensure personal details and wallets are verified.

These measures will assist our platform in preventing cybercriminals from exploiting any vulnerability. With that, trusts CER and Hackenproof as an additional pair of impartial eyes to ensure our platform is safe and secure for our users.

The App is available for download on Google Play and App Store.

About’s goal is to advance the crypto industry to the next level and provide access to popular digital assets to the mainstream public. Encompassing a whole new concept of “fun” in finance, also aims to equip our users with experience and techniques to buy, sell and trade on the go. Still in its up-and-coming stages, welcomes community members and interested influencer partners to join us for collaborations.

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