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Presbyterian Church in Florida Now Accepts Donations In Dogecoin


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Presbyterian Church in Florida Accepts Dogecoin Donations.

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First Miami Presbyterian Church in Florida has announced it will be accepting Dogecoin donations going forward. The church made the declaration in its Easter message in reply to Elon Musk’s Twitter post saying Happy Easter to Dogecoin Fans. 

“Happy Easter! Our church @firstMiamiPres started accepting Doge today! #DogecoinToTheMoon,” Pastor Christopher Benek wrote in a tweet


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This does not come as a surprise as Christopher Benek is also a strong Dogecoin supporter known on Twitter as Rev. Dr. Doge. As the church holds online services in addition to in-person services, it has made provisions on its website for Dogecoin donations to make it easier for members to donate directly to the church. The church also accepts Bitcoin donations.

Churches accepting crypto could drive adoption 

This Presbyterian church in Florida is not the first to accept crypto donations. A Mississippi church became the first Southern Baptist church to declare acceptance of cryptocurrencies for donations in October 2021. Like the First Miami Presbyterian Church, it announced it will accept Dogecoin in addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

As churches have a large following, more of them accepting crypto donations is a sure way to grow the adoption of digital currencies. This is a welcome development as the goal of crypto is to replace fiat money for every use in human society. The churches are also appreciating cryptocurrencies because of the huge potential they have to grow as seen in Dogecoin’s explosive growth last year.

Dogecoin enjoying adoption

Dogecoin has become a household name. It has done extremely well over the years, thanks to Elon Musk’s influence. Right now, the top meme coin has found a place in the hearts of people in all sectors including religion, and is at par with top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum when it comes to adoption.

With the increasing wave of adoption it is seeing recently, the “meme” cryptocurrency may have better days ahead. Meanwhile, the team is working on developing Doge to improve its capacity as well, such as the efforts to make it a cheaper alternative to Bitcoin.

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