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Cardano Founder Compares Solana To Old Nintendo Consoles, Gives Reasons Why He Slams Terra and Other Blockchains


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Charles Hoskinson has taken a swipe at Solana Amid a Recent Network Outage. 

Yesterday, Solana suffered a major network outage that halted the production of blocks by validators for several hours. Per data provided by Solana, the network failed to produce new blocks for over five hours, thus prompting all decentralized applications built on the popular blockchain to go offline.

Following Solana’s recent network outage, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global, the firm in charge of Cardano’s research and development, has made comments mocking the popular blockchain.

The Cardano exec quoted a tweet about Solana’s network outage made by Watcher Guru, a cryptocurrency media outlet, and tweeted “this might help” while adding a link to a YouTube video.

The video, which was published in 2017, teaches Nintendo enthusiasts how to revive their old  Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games in order to make them work again.


It is worth noting that Hoskinson was being sarcastic about the unfortunate incident that befell Solana, as he called on the developers of the network to watch the video to get the required skill that will make the blockchain work again.

Hoskinson Cautioned

A Twitter user with the username @realcryptoro1 urged Hoskinson to stop criticizing Solana. The user added that Hoskinson’s mockery of Solana is similar to what Do Kwon, the CEO, and founder of TerraForm Labs did to Cardano moments before LUNA and UST dipped massively.

@realcryptoro1 proceeded to ask Hoskinson if Cardano is safe and will not experience a similar fate that has befallen Solana and Terra in recent weeks.

Hoskinson Says Cardano Is Not Safe

Reacting to the user’s comment, Hoskinson noted that nothing, including Cardano, is completely safe and that he is expecting that all blockchain networks will encounter issues.

He added that he has chosen to slam both Terra and Solana because the venture capitalists behind these networks mocked Cardano relentlessly for trying to do things the right way.

“My problem and why I tweet is that we were mocked relentlessly by the Solana and Luna backers and community for trying to do things the right way with peer review and formal methods in order to avoid these issues,” Hoskinson noted.

The latest development comes less than two weeks after Hoskinson mocked Kwon for his derogatory comments toward Cardano’s ADA, following the fall of Terra ecosystem tokens.

Cardano Community Supporting the Project

Although Cardano is yet to lure some of the big VCs to fund the project, its community has held things down, providing funds and supporting developers building on the network.

As reported, Cardano’s treasury surged to nearly $500 million a few days ago amid the growth of ADA and the resilience of members of the community to provide funding for developers.

Meanwhile, Cardano has been running for more than five years without having any technical issues or downtime and the development team is still building and releasing important upgrades to help the network remain relevant in the industry.

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