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Investors Beware: Terra Whistle Blower Warns Followers Against Being Rugged By Fake Fatman Tokens


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There’s a new fake crypto token named after FatMan.

FatMan has become a popular entity within the crypto community, and even a bigger celebrity within the Terra community. He has been digging up information, even getting intel from insiders, and exposing what’s going on with TFL and Do Kwon regarding the collapse of Luna and UST.

Now, he seems to have caught the attention of scammers. In a recent Twitter post, FatMan warned his followers to be careful before sending funds to potential fraudsters using his name. This is after he got messages regarding them.


There’s A New Token Called “FatMan”

It turns out that there’s now a token created by scammers and named after FatMan. It’s already trading on Astroport. FatMan shared a screenshot showing the token named “FatMan.” However, he clarified that he isn’t affiliated with it and that he doesn’t plan to ever launch any token. This means that whoever created the FatMan token and put it on Astroport is a scammer and should be ignored.

Creator May Pull Liquidity And Rug Investors

FatMan went on sensitizing his base, saying that the creator of the FatMan token is highly likely to rug the investors and disappear. All they have to do is pull the liquidity and dump the tokens. Since no other details about the creator are available, there would be no way for the victims to get justice.

According to his earlier posts, FatMan has been trying to help the victims of the Luna and UST crashes get justice and have their lost investments compensated. He even plans to launch a new Terra validator whose profits will be used to compensate UST crash victims.

FatMan’s Name On The Line

According to one user’s remarks, it’s possible that bad actors are trying to discredit FatMan by creating a scandal in his name. This could be because of his growing reputation following his dedicated pursuit of the truth about Terra, Do Kwon, and affiliates that he says are responsible for the collapse of Terra and the loss of over $40 billion worth of investor funds.

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