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Mysterious Whale Holding 4 Trillion Shiba Inu Adds 130 Billion Tokens in 24 Hours


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The Mysterious SHIB Whale Continues Buying Shiba Inu.

Etherscan.io reports that the mysterious SHIB whale has acquired a massive chunk of Shiba Inu, which already constitutes 4 trillion SHIB.

The aforementioned crypto data service spotted a mysterious SHIB whale purchasing a total of 130,155,330,066 (130.15B) SHIB for $1,065,972 ($1.065M) in two separate transactions while interacting with two different wallet addresses.

Breakout of Transactions:

The first transaction took place about 15 hours ago. In this transaction, the whale has purchased 128,806,978,287 (128.80B) SHIB from the top ETH Whale labeled “BlueWhale0073” in one significant transaction.

Following this, the whale interacted with one unknown wallet address and accumulated another 1,348,351,779 (1.34B) SHIB, in one noteworthy transaction.

ETH WhaleAccumulation SHIB

After the acquisition, the amount of Shiba Inu coins held by this cryptocurrency wallet increased to 4,093,793,383,194 (4.09T) SHIB, worth $33,528,167 ($33.52M).

On June 13th (Monday), the same whale has added a whopping 662,345,021,738 (662B) SHIB, worth $5,283,139 ($5.28M) in six separate transactions to her wallet.

Impact on SHIB Price:

The second biggest canine-themed cryptocurrency in terms of market cap continues to experience a mild selling pressure. The fall began on May 4, when the coin lost the $0.000021 level it had held for a long time.

Later, SHIB experienced a consolidation phase for more than a week in a narrow range of $0.0000091 to $0.00001430. On June 12th, the price of Shiba headed south, dropping from $0.0000091, and is changing hands at $0.00000814 at the time of writing. The fall over the weekend comprised 24.24%.

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