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2.5M Terra 2.0 (LUNA) May Hit Exchanges For Immediate Selling


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Terra To Send 2.5M LUNA To Exchanges For Immediate Selling, Funds Meant To Support Projects On Terra 2.0.

A recent proposal has given the green light for Terra to sell millions of LUNA to fund Terra 2.0 projects.

Development on Terra 2.0 is still ongoing. Projects that were initially on the original Terra change have migrated to Terra 2.0. However, the new chain has had its own issues, starting with the flawed LUNA airdrop that followed its launch.

To keep developers from ditching its blockchain network, Terra came up with an attractive package to fund their ventures. This provision was included in the proposal for the creation of Terra 2.0.

Proposal Passed

Recently, a proposal, dubbed Proposal 446, was fielded to the community to release the allocated funds to support developers on the new blockchain. The proposal, hosted and tracked on Terra Station, was passed with over 88% support.


Now, this Builder Emergency Allocation is ready for release. In a recent tweet, LUNCDAO announced that 2.5 million LUNA will be released to support 52 select projects on Terra 2.0. The funds can be sold on exchanges with immediate effect to support the developing team’s expenses.

The 2.5 million LUNA are 50% of the initial 5 million LUNA allocated for this purpose. At press time, LUNA is trading at around $2.27 as shown on CMC. With 2.5 million LUNA to be sold, the funding figure is expected to come out as around $5.6 million. The wallets involved can be tracked here.

What About LUNC?

Meanwhile, the Terra community, especially users who hold the crashed LUNC, have been complaining, claiming that Do Kwon and TFL have abandoned LUNC. This claim could be apparent judging from the efforts the team is putting into developing Terra 2.0 as opposed to the silent treatment given to UST and LUNC.

A few days ago, Do Kwon took to Twitter to dispel fears that TFL has abandoned LUNC. He promised to be more communicative to the community.

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