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2 Cryptocurrencies That Should Be On Your Watchlist In This Time Of Crisis

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We have witnessed considerable adoption and value increase in cryptocurrency last year. It is rapidly gaining popularity around the entire world. With its increased acclaim, investors are becoming interested and testing their luck with different forms of investing. It would not be a too far-fetched thing to say that it made many overnight millionaires and has come to the point where it’s the new hot buzzword. However, lately, it has lost its initial hype due to recursive crypto market crashes. Recently, Bitcoin (BTC) has hit the $20,000 mark, with altcoins also losing value rapidly. In the light of this, investors are looking for alternative options to invest and get good returns as well as for better projects with a solid roadmap and real-life application.

Meme coins are based on popular internet memes, and their value depends on community activities and continuous influencer endorsements. As a result, most of these coins are highly volatile and lack real-world utility. However, meme coins have attracted many investorsand Dogecoins (DOGE) is a notable example. Mehracki (MKI) is a meme coin in the presale stage. It has real-world application and functional infrastructure that is expected to give massive profits while retaining basic meme features. So investing right now might help you recover your crypto crash losses.

Mehracki (MKI)

Mehracki (MKI) is a native community-driven meme token specifically designed to encourage positive emotions around the globe while also making a bank for investors and society. Its developers intend to create a system where active holders of the (MKI) token will control this platform through participating in governance.

Users will be able to send proposals for changes in the platform’s operation and vote on decisions made by the core team. This platform is built on the Solana network, making it cheap, quick, and scalable. Developers have established appealing frameworks while keeping core components of memes in their protocol, resulting in a positive shift in how meme tokens are perceived globally.

Mehracki (MKI) intends to make cryptocurrency accessible to a broader audience. Its goal is to promote health and encourage travel worldwide using blockchain as its tool. In addition, it aims to revitalize art self-care by developing an ecosystem that supports meme sharing, tourism, and travel ventures.

Its primary motivation is to build an ethos and culture that gradually grows as an enthusiastic community. This platform will expose holders to next-generation ideas like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), incentives, etc. Feel-Good NFTs will be accessible to a wider audience making the project more practical.


ICON (ICX) is an open-source programmable blockchain network and data aggregator that aims to create a blockchain hub within the crypto market that enables developers and users to facilitate interactions between independent blockchains. In addition, it will tackle a lack of interoperability within the existing market.

ICON (ICX) aims to connect cryptocurrency networks by linking various entities, including insurance companies, hospitals, banks, and securities firms. It’s a digital platform that allows users to manage their IDs from their phones. It also provides a high level of security, responsiveness, and much lower fees than competitors.

It allows independent transactions and supports the use of smart contracts. Further, the open-source and fully decentralized network rewards users for their contribution to the network. The team focuses on supporting global interoperability, banking, healthcare, and other sectors. Its default design enables it to provide scalability to the market.

For seamless communication, ICON (ICX) utilizes several interconnected components organized hierarchically to connect stakeholders with various blockchains without involving third parties. Transactions on ICON (ICX) are real-time as they are more resistant to bugs, data breaches, and server failures. As a result, it is one of the largest cryptocurrencies that draws the attention of many crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, people have become more conscious about investing in cryptocurrencyMehracki (MKI) has a solid foundation followed by real-life applications, which has the potential to ensure a good long-term investment. Considering this, it is worth your attention and has the financial capacity to revolutionize the crypto market. On the other hand, ICON (ICX) is facing stiff competition and has not earned a good reputation in the crypto community compared to more established projects. Mehracki (MKI) offers something that ICON (ICX) fails to deliver, so potentially right now, it is a perfect time to consider purchasing it during the presale stage. Some analysts believe that (MKI) is expected to gain massive profits and will help you recover your crypto loss in no time.

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