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How Do Crypto Trading Bots Work and Are They Worth It?


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Trading has greatly transformed during the last decade — instead of traditional old-fashioned currencies, we have got innovative and decentralized money. Instead of closing times on the traditional markets, the crypto market is fully live around the clock. Crypto traders have shaken the world with their ability to make x1000, and add multiple zeros to their balance sheets. But the new technologies demand progress and automatization in everything. That is why almost all advanced and successful crypto traders are using specific bots in their daily activities on the market.

It is worth mentioning that not all trading bots are safe and efficient. The Internet is blowing up with offers to buy some bots. But these are often scams or fraudulent apps that can steal your data. Therefore, you should consult authorized platforms. For example, you can go to the official Binance broker — the Jet-Bot copy trading platform.  With this platform, you can start gaining your first APY today with just a few clicks. And you can always ask the real traders in the Telegram community more questions on trading and trading bots. This is really helpful when you have support and help in the beginning. And people share their results which show sometimes up to 6000% APY.

Why you need to use the crypto trading bot

First of all, everyone wants to get a lot of money and be free from work. This sounds like some pink gummy fantasy but actually, it is exactly what happens when you start to use crypto trading bots. These programmed algorithms are designed to save your nerves and time and to give almost unlimited tools for your trading.

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Of course, you still have to understand the market and do some research. There is a chance of a potential profit during both bull and bear cycles, but first, you need to understand such features as what strategies you choose when using bots for cryptocurrency trading.

But no one can trade 24/7 without sleep and take into account all the possibilities. Trading bots can see much more than humans and they are able to analyze great amounts of information. Bots can make a decision in a fraction of a second and these decisions could be made repeatedly thousand of times. This brings trading to a new level.

How Do Crypto Trading Bots Work

There are many bots, and each of them is designed to perform certain tasks. For example, static arbitrage bots determine the patterns of rates of different digital coins. In addition, their tasks include finding the dependence of one cryptocurrency on another. As a rule, the coins for analysis are chosen by the trader. Arbitrage bots are designed to implement intra-exchange and inter-exchange trading methods. They are responsible for several tasks at once: analysis of the value of digital assets; buying and selling coins; placing an order, as well as conducting a transaction. There are often trading bots that are in demand among conservative traders. The main task of such programs is to determine the movement of the value of digital assets. The work of trading bots is based on sophisticated technical indicators.

Usually experienced traders chose more advanced bots. The peculiarity of such programs is that all strategies for trading are introduced by the user. The bot fully adjusts from scratch to the personal preferences of the arbitrator. Some bots can analyze minor price fluctuations, others can buy and sell in a predefined interval, and also there are bots that can monitor the market and use moving averages and other indicators. It is almost an ultimate creative process to develop and design your custom bot as it can unite manual and automated processes.

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The bots with complex trading strategies can do many tasks that include: assessment of the market situation; monitoring the rate at a certain time period; the price forecasting; an order creation; providing the incomes and expenses; sending signals to the trader, etc.

In addition, there are special bots that allow users to create, receive and maintain a financial portfolio. Anyway, one of the main tasks of bots is the automation of repetitive processes.

How much can I earn with the crypto trading bot?

On the Jet-Bot platform, you will find everything you need for a quick start and pleasant trading. In just a few clicks you will be able to start making your first profit. You have the opportunity to customize your own bot or take advantage of a ready-made solution from successful and famous traders.

With Jet-Bot you can make up to 2000% APY annually or even higher. It is a great opportunity to use the Jet-Bot platform as trading automation software which helps to trade more effectively, less risky, and more profitable. If your custom bot is successful enough you can provide copy trading services for some monthly payment. Top traders of the platform can earn up to $10k monthly or higher depending on the number of subscribers.

By joining Jet Bot you can not only get a fully-equipped trading account with everything you need to get your profits ASAP. But also you can find there a pretty huge and fairly friendly community which is always open to explain more on trading hassle. Feel free to ask any questions — many people found their personal mentors and new friends.

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