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The Noft Games Is Set To Drop Massive Design Update


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Noft Games, play-to-earn game set in an intergalactic locale, has officially announced the launch of an extensive web and interface redesign, effective since July 29. Seeing the successful launch on the Binance Smart Chain in May 2021, Noft Games has proved its intent to create a quality product and now came prepared to show something radically new. 

The Noft Games community is on the watch, as the past year has been great strides for the project in updating the interface from clunky minimalist graphics to vibrant visuals and a handy interface. More so, – design currently being a prioritized part of the game development – the team seeks to broaden the list of artist collaborators for creating unique NFT collections within the Noft Games universe. 

First and foremost, the upcoming redesign offers a personal area, ‘a lobby’, for each player to access all the actions from one menu. The lobby will provide a one-stop solution for players to mint the NFT character, rent it, and send it to battles – all in one place. 

Designed at striking the balance between aesthetic looks and ease of use, navigation has also been improved to be more user-friendly and to clearly communicate actions happening within the game. Thus, a user-centered renovation makes it perfectly comfortable for players to follow battle results and keep track of rewards earned and assets owned. 

On top of that, the new design smoothly translates the atmosphere of zero gravity and isolation of the space setting. The mood highly resonates with the Noft Games lore that revolves around the spaceship stranded in dark cold space, infested with alien NFT creatures, Nofts, that fight with each other for survival. 

The announcement comes with a big giveaway co-hosted with Chain Play. $600 reward and 10 Noft NFTs will be split among the top 25 airdrop winners. The event continues until August 2. 

Committed players witnessed the dedicated team continuously working on the background fine-tuning the slightest gameplay details to ensure a fascinating noft-gaming experience. Hence, there is no doubt that the Noft Games continue to please the community with new updates.

At this time, the team has confirmed its strategy to focus heavily on incentive campaigns, including giveaways in collaboration with several outstanding players in the crypto market. The project socials have already kick-started with unprecedented Like & Retweet contests and giveaways.

About Noft Games

Noft Games is the Binance Smart Chain-based space game rewarding users with cryptocurrency. Earning while battling model allows players to see healthy returns on their initial investment purely through sending their NFT characters to simulated fights. Being an auto-battler, it is a tactical game with a touch of luck and an exceptional cosmic atmosphere. The Noft is an ERC-721 standard token and a ticket into the Noft Games universe (with an ambition to expand into the Metaverse).  


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