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Cambodia’s Largest Alcoholic Beverage Exporter Taps VeChain To Combat Fake Products


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Attwood adopts VeChain’s tech to guarantee products’ authenticity.  

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Cambodia’s largest alcoholic beverage importer and distributor, Attwood Import Export, has tapped VeChain technology, VeChainThor, to develop a new security sticker. 

VeChain noted in an announcement today that the initiative, dubbed Attwood Blockchain Sticker (ABS), will help the alcoholic beverage distribution company guarantee product authenticity. 

Attwood Blockchain Service Use

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According to VeChain, the blockchain sticker will be placed on each bottle of drink that Attwood distributes. Each Attwood Blockchain Sticker has key information about the product integrated into the VeChain blockchain. Thus, making salient information immutable and trustworthy. 

Upon buying drinks distributed by the company, Attwood’s customers can scan the sticker placed on the bottle from their smartphones to verify the authenticity and origin of the product. 

The initiative would help prevent fraud and keep customers safe from consuming fake drinks produced by malefactors.  

“As a leading import export trading company, Attwood has always played an important role in bridging the gap between brands and consumers. Through the partnership with VeChain Tech, we strengthen the ability to take responsibility for our customers and products,” Mr. Tan Se Chhay, CEO of Attwood, said. 

Attwood’s Prowess in Drinks Distribution

Attwood Import Export has been one of the leading companies distributing luxury alcoholic beverage brands for more than three decades. 

Some of the brands Attwood distributes include Johnie Walker, Chandon Sparkling, Budweiser beer, Moet & Chandon, Hennessy, Terrazas, etc. 

VeChain Tech Solving Real-World Problems

In recent times, there has been a spike in the number of fake products in circulation, especially in developing nations. However, VeChain is committed to combating these fraudulent practices through its technology. 

Companies looking to build trust in their brands can leverage VeChainThor to develop solutions that will bolster customers’ trust in their products. 

VeChainThor is specifically developed to address trust issues. Based on this, the network has been adopted by many companies across various sectors, including supply chain & logistics. 

“VeChain Tech will continue its mission of developing and deploying digital solutions for Attwood and other visionary businesses, push the fore of digital transformation and unlocking new value while solving complex industrial problems,” VeChain noted in an announcement. 

The announcement comes less than 24 hours after VeChain’s co-founder Sunny Lu said the company is committed to changing the world using its blockchain technology

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