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As Solana Opens a Store in NYC, What Does this Mean for New Coin Mehracki?

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Solana (SOL) is opening a permanent physical retail store in Manhattan’s West Side of NYC, dedicated to all things crypto. The Shops is a fancy mall within the city and the Solana Spaces store opened on Thursday. Known as an Ethereum Killer, Solana prides itself on being faster and more efficient than its competitor. This isn’t the first time that the cryptocurrency has branched out from the metaverse – it has also announced that it will be releasing a Web3 android mobile phone called ‘Saga’.

The new coin Mehracki is just entering its presale. Built on the Solana blockchain, what does this store mean for Mehracki? Will it make an impact? Read more about Mehracki here.

Inside the NYC Solana Store

This store looks like any other sleek tech store, reminiscent of Apple. Everything is crypto-themed. ‘Solana Pay Accepted Here’ is announced on the storefront, and an interactive installation displays what’s happening on the Solana blockchain. Customers can watch as transactions are made and NFTs are minted, live on-screen. This demonstrates Solana’s capability.

It’s apparent that the main aim of this store is to gain both support and popularity for crypto (and, of course, Solana itself). There are specific ‘onboarding’ booths where people can set up crypto wallets with the help of store assistants to make the process less daunting and more understandable. Solana Saga, their Web3 phone, is available for customers to peruse, while STEPN and Magic Eden stations provide further support for navigating the crypto world.

There are also branded crypto merch, including (but not limited to!) t-shirts, hoodies and hats. These are labeled with common crypto phrases such as ‘WAGMI’, ‘not financial advice’ and ‘probably nothing’. The merchandise items themselves will work as active promotion of crypto, proving its integration into the everyday world.

Created by the Solana Foundation, this store named ‘Solana Spaces’ is a risk for the coin, but hopefully, one that will pay off in the long run.

How Could the Solana Spaces Store Impact Mehracki?

Overall, Solana Spaces is designed to encourage a broader interest in crypto, which can only be good news for a new crypto coin launching into the market. According to Solana Spaces CEO Vibhu Norby, the new store will introduce up to 100,000 people to the Solana ecosystem. As part of the Solana blockchain, this influx of people is good news for Mehracki.

Mehracki (MKI) prides itself on its real-world applications as it can easily be used to buy goods and services. As a result, Mehracki is very appealing to new crypto users with close links to hospitality outlets. It’s a community-driven coin with a utilitarian model, while the token also serves as a unitary value exchange between coin users and hospitality businesses.

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