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Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Votes To Burn The Stakes Of Validators That Will Agree To Censor ETH Protocol


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Buterin takes a stand against possible Ethereum censorship.

In a tweet on Monday, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin revealed that he voted for the stakes on crypto service providers that would agree to censor the Ethereum protocol to be burnt via a social consensus in a Twitter poll created by blogger Eric Wall.

“fwiw I voted X in your above poll,” Buterin tweeted, revealing its stance, where option X says, “Consider the censorship an attack on Ethereum and burn their stake via social consensus.” 

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Notably, the poll builds on a poll by Berlin-based developer Lefteris Karapetsas, which asks crypto service providers in the US and Switzerland if they would consider censoring the Ethereum protocol by refusing to validate certain transactions at the request of regulators.

Wall, on his part, asks the Ethereum community what they would do should these firms opt to censor the network. Notably, both polls come as eylonverse X reveals that data from Dune analytics reveals that 66% of Beacon chain validators are likely to comply with the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations.

It is worth noting that censorship concerns have grown in the past week following Circle’s decision to block addresses associated with Tornado Cash following the decision of OFAC to place Tornado Cash on its sanctions list. OFAC placed a sanction on Tornado last Monday, arguing that it has played a significant role in supporting cyber terrorist attacks. Notably, according to the regulator, it has allowed bad actors to hide the trail of their cryptocurrency transactions from crypto hacks.

The news has left several privacy advocates in disbelief as it is the first time the US sanctions a piece of technology instead of a legal entity. Moreover, they have also argued that everyday people widely use the cryptocurrency mixer to protect their privacy on the blockchain.

Notably, some cryptocurrency users worry that as Ethereum migrates to proof-of-stake (PoS), it will become less censorship-resistant. At the time of writing, 62% of crypto Twitter has voted to burn the stakes on crypto service providers that will consider censoring the network. The Merge that will fuse the Ethereum mainnet with the Beacon chain and bring about the PoS migration is slated for September 15.

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