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CryptoCom Adds New Trading Pair For Shiba Inu


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Shiba Lovers Gets Excited As CryptoCom Adds New Trading Pair For Shiba Inu.

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Users can now trade with Shiba Inu on CryptoCom after the exchange added a BUSD trading pair for the token.

It’s good news for the Shiba Inu community as a new trading pair is available on crypto.com. The new pair involves the SHIB-BUSD trading pair, where users can swap between the two tokens. This makes it easier for users to trade SHIB on the exchange with the stablecoin of their choice.


SHIB has been on Crypto.com for a while. The exchange announced the token’s addition to the platform back in March this year, paving the way for the meme coin to gain more ground in terms of user base and adoption.

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As reported by The Crypto Basic, CryptoCom Added Shiba Inu Token to Its DeFi Wallet, Enabling Users To Earn Interest On Shib Holdings.

Granted, the Shiba Inu community has been making huge efforts to improve the token’s value and utility. There have been events where a lot of SHIB has been burned to reduce supply and increase demand.

Despite efforts to keep the coin afloat, Shiba Inu has been affected by the current market slump. At the time of this writing, SHIB is trading at around $0.000012, recording a 2% decrease over 24 hours and a 7-day pullback of 17.8%. Time will tell if the introduction of the BUSD trading pair on Crypto.com will affect the coin’s market standings.

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