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ETH Mainnet Users Must Upgrade As New Ethereum 2.0 Version Released Before Merge


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Ethereum Client Teku Upgrades Its Network For Compatibility Ahead Of The Planned Ethereum 2.0 Merge.

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Major Ethereum 2.0 client Teku installs a critical update as the Ethereum merge nears.

The launch of Ethereum 2.0 and the subsequent transition to Proof-of-Stake system has generated some high expectations ever since the announcement of its impending launch was made a short while back. As earlier reported by The Crypto Basic, the news sent ETH’s value surging by a significant margin.

Now, the developer team at Ethereum seems pretty determined to deliver on their promise. This is apparent from their latest move to upgrade one of ETH 2.0’s client named Teku. As announced on Twitter, Teku has been upgraded to version v22.8.1.

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What Is Teku?

Simply put, Teku is the network client linked to Ethereum 2.0 and is tasked with supporting institutional needs as well as security measures. It facilitates staking for institutions without requiring them to run independent validators on their end. Basically, Teku is the one-stop-shop for institutional staking and network security.

Teku’s update also comes with the Bellatrix network upgrade designed to prepare the network for the imminent merge slated for September this year. Further technical details of the upgrade can be found here on GitHub.

All Ethereum Mainnet Users Must Upgrade

As is the norm in every blockchain network upgrade, nodes have to follow suit and update specific configurations to stay connected to the network. As such, all mainnet users on Ethereum 2.0 are required to upgrade their node validators to keep their connection with the rest of the network alive. Those who don’t install the updates run the risk of their nodes severing connection with Ethereum 2.0 especially after the PoS merge in September. To avoid this, the updates must be made before September 6, 2022.

While ETH’s price hasn’t registered positive moves for a week, it’s pretty clear that the Teku upgrade is a step in the right direction. ETH is currently trading at around $1,561.

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